What I’ve learnt from the first trimester

It’s been a meaningful pregnancy so far and there’s really no experience in the world that can beat the feeling of growing a life inside. There’s something new to learn everyday and read up on. Here’s some practical takeaways from the first 13 weeks:

+ Try to save as much as you possibly can. I went the subsidised route to save money on the first trimester screenings and scans, but swopping over to private from the second trimester onwards

+If you’re the easily anxious sort, don’t take the Down Syndrome’s screening test. I took the Oscar one and was quite worried before the results

+Always carry a plastic bag as the urge to throw up knows no place and time boundaries. Morning sickness must be changed to ‘whole day sickness’

+ It’s okay to have a Starbucks once in awhile to make you feel human again

+Sometimes must be kiasu (like booking wedding vendors) for services which are popular. I booked Sizzling Dyanna for her confinement meals the moment she opened

+Join a whatsapp chat for mummy to be’s who will be delivering same month as you. It will really help in terms of resource sharing or just whining about the pregnancy symptoms

+Doa loads everyday and let baby listen to surahs. I bought the Islamic Audio Device for this purpose!

The second trimester would be all about settling the practical things and looking out for baby sales. 🙂

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