Month: November 2019

Birth Story

Before my memory fades, I better document my labour story.

Alhamdulilah my pregnancy was smooth with only vomiting and heartburn as the major symptoms. Which was why I was hoping for a smooth labour.

But my plans for a natural delivery didn’t pan out. My gynae (Dr Suzanna) is pro natural birth and I totally wasn’t expecting a caesarean birth. My EDD was 11 October and I had no signs of labour at all. Just some mucus plug 2 weeks before.

So I agreed to be induced on my due date and admitted myself to KKH. Went to the Fetal Monitoring unit at 2 pm. Had 4 pills inserted and I only dilated to 3 cm by the next day.

I was moved to the labour suite at about 2 am.  In the morning my waterbag was broken and oxytocin IV drips inserted to induce contractions. I was also Group B strep positive so I needed antibiotics running into me as well. You can imagine the amount of fluids that were pumped into me.

So as I was 3 cm, I could opt for an epidural which I did off course. This was not smooth also. I knew all along I had scoliosis and my lower spine was curved. The anaesthesist couldnt find my sweet spot on the spine and I think she poked me 5 times *face palm* I am not afraid of needles but this was a bit too much. Thankfully it got up and running.

From there it was a waiting game..and so I waited..and waited..till the next morning. I was still at 8 cm and baby’s head had not even come down. So Dr Suzanna made the call to do a c sect instead. After all that, I didnt get a natural birth 😦

But anyways labour had gone too long already so I was quickly wheeled into the OT. Since it was an emergency, I could not have anyone scrubbed in with me. In the OT i had more epidural problems.. the anaesthetist placed a bag of ice on my tummy and asked if I could feel it. Even after 20 minutes I still could which meant it wasnt working on me.

I had to be put under general anaesthesia. Which I was thankful for because I would have been so traumatised if I could feel them cutting me up. But the dissapointing part is I couldnt skin to skin with my baby immediately as I woke up 2 hours later and she was placed in the special care nursery.

Thanfully I could have her back in my arms after a few hours! Alhamdulilah we were both doing ok and could be discharged the day after.

I am still under confinement and learning from my own mother how to care for her. But thats a post for another day.