Yay boleh kahwin!

Think the hardest part of the ROMM interview [which is officially known as Document Verification & Statutory Declaration (VD/SD)] is not the interview itself, but the actual coordinating of dates between the couple and the wali to come down, since there’s no weekend slot.

So anyway, December is a good month to go down, since its the time to clear leave etc. which is why we found ourselves at ROMM this morning. The service hours start from 8.30 am, and we the kiasu ppl (me, the other half and my dad) arrived on the dot to take our queue number. There was already so many people in the morning (even a couple doing their solemnisation with their family)- so best is to come once it opens because there really is loads of people. This morning, only 2 counters were open for ROMM and one room available for the declaration to take place.


We were the 3rd couple to be called, and it was around 9am by the time. We went through all our details again with t0 the counter lady, and she advised not to make any last minute changes (less than a week) as our kadi has to pick up the documents, and we wouldn’t want a wrong cert. 20161228_091510.jpg

Then we had to wait a while more, before my dad was called into Room R4. After that it was our turn to go in. I wasn’t nervous before that but the kadi on duty was deputy registrar Nor Razak and he was rather stern. I guess he has to be, in case anyone wants to bluff that they don’t have another bini or what! ;p

But Alhamdulilah all went okay, and the line of questioning was smooth. The only ‘personal’ question he asked was why my address was different from my dad’s. After that we had to angkat sumpah, and then we were done!

Took some photos at the mini grass pelamin first before we left hahaha.


To-do list.

  1. Pop down to venue to settle logistical issues with the staff there
  2. Finalise number of invitees: hopefully can keep the guest list small to 500 and print cards
  3. Decide on the budget for berkat based on the final invite list and go JB to buy
  4. Place order for wedding cake
  5. Decide if videography is really needed
  6. Decide if I want to get ready at home, or book hotel room near venue
  7. Book wedding transport
  8. Decide on mini-moon venue

4 months to go!


ROMM Registration

Has been completed around the 150 day mark- we were a bit kiasu since we had decided on Ustaz Irwan Shah (tunang’s mum knows him personally).

Feel a bit bad that he has to rush from East to West pagi-pagi buta though!

Another thing about the ROMM registration.. why do they want to know so much details! Salary for what.. so students will put $o??

$0 is the amount I put in the hantaran part in the system, cos I’m a rebel like that and I don’t want a dollar value to be printed on the marriage cert. I was contemplating to put $1 just to make a statement, but that would have been pushing it. Mas kahwin I understand because its a  Muslim  hukum, but hantaran is a Malay adat leh.

Last I checked, ROMM is Registry of MUSLIM marriages, not MALAY. -_-

I am really okay with not getting a $ hantaran, but off course the mother insists otherwise so the tunang has said they will give this ‘unofficially’.

Wah piang, I could probably go on and on about this hantaran system but I will refrain.

I guess the next step after this is the ROMM interview then.