Month: March 2016

Choosing a Bridal

One of the first things a BTB obsesses about, since we’re all particular about how we look on the big day.

My decision-making process:

  • Make-up looks natural – have seen so many brides with super red wayang cheeks and looking older than they actually are. I don’t wear make-up except on special occasions so the minimalistic look is for me
  • Eyebrows that don’t look over plucked
  • No need for boomz sanggul-lintang. Less is the new more.
  • Gowns with a streamlined cutting, classy and timeless details

Looked through the popular bridals and emailed the short-listed ones concurrently after looking through all their portfolios.

Chose Ishq in the end for the reasons above.

I think NZ’s shading and contouring skills are great so I will fork out the extra $$ to engage her.


credits: Ishq’s Instagram

Another crucial factor was the tie-ups with Malaysian designers. I am a huge fan of Nurita Harith. Check out her latest bridal collection!

Credits: Nurita Harith

Made the appointment with Lina, NZ’s adik who herself was a recent pengantin. She was really nice and explained all their terms. Take note that there’s a few additional costings involved on top of the base package, but this is clearly laid out already so you know what you’re paying for. One tip is to just opt for the 2 outfit package first if your itinerary is still very hazy at the moment, as you can always upgrade your package but not the reverse. The deposit is the same amount anyway.

Hoping not to hit above $3K but since I will most likely go for their designer collection and engaging NZ, it will definitely bust that limit!

I am also toying with the idea of customising at least one outfit, especially for the nikah one so I can keep it for sentimental reasons. I still have a few more months to decide if I want to go this route, since they need 8 months lead time minimally.  I am gravitating rowards Nurita obviously, but there’s also the other choices – Mimpikita, Innaired, Rico Rinaldi, Khairi Sufi , Syomir Izwa etc.

I’ve read the stories that have been circulating in the blogosphere about NZ, but I shall keep an open mind since I’ve not experienced anything personally yet. InsyaAllah, all will be okay.

Useful link: Tips on choosing a bridal boutique


Pre-wedding photoshoot

Of all the vendors I booked first, it was for my pre-wedding photoshoot which I didn’t really plan on having in the first place!

We were just scouting the Wedding Expo and grabbing random brochures when the lady from Miosa Couture pounced on us.

What was supposed to be a quick chat became a signed, sealed, delivered deal with the placing of a deposit with them.


  • Different backdrops for photos. Miosa being based in JB meant we could choose outdoor locations in Johor beyond the usual Flyer/Marina/Singapore River/Punggol lalang backdrop. A photoshoot is meant to be a fun experience, so why not pay to travel beyond our borders?
  • Value for money package. Package price is in SG not RM, but they were offering loads of stuff for the final amount such as 3D frame, crystal frame and a briefcase
  • I was really enticed by the free anniversary photoshoot for 10 years. It would be so sweet to go back and take photos with our kids and parents in future, insyaAllah. We can track our journey over the years with those photos. Plus they have an affiliate studio at North Bridge Road, so there’s no need to go back to JB after the final shoot is done
  • Their make-up and outfit is gorgeous. I’ve a 1 day shoot scheduled for 4 outfits and images. Check out some of their photos. At the Expo, I peered closely at the make-up of all the ladies and concluded that their MUA got skills.

    credits: Miosa Facebook

I’ve texted them to make a 2nd appointment for my fitting. Can’t wait for the gown selection. In the meantime, I’m researching for possible outdoor unique locations – Johor is so big, there has to be some hidden gems!


Both of us wanted something simple – so we didn’t have a formal engagement ceremony.

What happened on 1st  January 2016- his parents came over, and we did a simple sarung cincin. The engagement ring was a simple gold band from a shop at Joo Chiat Complex. I had not requested for anything more fancy, as I wasn’t going to wear it daily. To me, its just a symbol of commitment, that’s all.

The ring was also kids’ size as I have super thin fingers! Once the ring was placed on my finger by his aunt, we all had some light bites prepared by my mom and some kueh I bought.

I loved the engagement cake, which was ordered from Hipster Bakes – a pretty 8 inch chocolate cake frosted in pink buttercream rosettes. It looks good and tastes good too – wasn’t overly sweet.

Am thinking of engaging this talented baker for my wedding cake! Check out his other creations!

Everything wrapped up within a few hours – fuss free just as I like it!


It began with.. paintball

25 January 2014. 

I had signed up for a paintball outing, with a group of strangers.

I didn’t want to go, as my sister had been hospitalised. I was this close to messaging the organiser that I couldn’t make it and sacrificing the money I had paid.

But I went ahead anyway, dragging my feet all the way to the train station and on the train to Marsiling.

When I reached the station, there were 2 guys waiting at the train station. One of them had been on the same train as me.

I didn’t know then, that this was the guy intended for me.

We all walked together to the train station and I found him to be engaging enough, that I sneakily made myself be on the same team as him.

When the paintball game started, I found him to be pro-active and strategic. We won all our games against the other team. I was really bad at it though.. the mask was foggy and I was shooting rather blindly. My one contribution was to capture the flag, but I got shot at and it was so so so so PAINTFUL! Four games was more than enough for me.

After annihilating the other team, we went to Masjid An-Nur for our prayers. I vividly remembered him asking if I was going to join them for dinner once we had all gathered after prayers.

I had not planned to, but since he asked.. why not? I ended up sitting next to him on the bus and at the food court at Causeway Point where we chatted some more.

To cut a short story even shorter, we exchanged numbers and messaged each other daily.

Turned out that his uncle which he regularly visits, lives only the opposite block from me! It took a paintball game before our paths finally crossed.

Allah had planned it all right from the beginning. 🙂


We shall remain behind the masks for now…