Review: RS Wedding Gallery

No regrets engaging RS Wedding at all!

The following reasons are why those who haven’t found decor vendors should engage them:

They are value for money – I took their Tiara Package at $2980 (their prices are on their website). I knew from the start that I wasn’t going to pay a substantial amount for decor just to have it dismantled a few hours later. I truly think they are budget-friendly, as the market price is now $5k? Plus my venue was at the mosque function hall, which meant that most other vendors would have additional charges.

Kak R who runs the company is a visionary. She’s truly creative and does this out of passion.  If you look through her portfolio, she’s conceptualised things like Japanese themes from scratch. Plus her swing pelamin is really genius. I was really temped to adapt that as a photo booth backdrop.

She’s flexible and listens to what you want. I knew I didn’t want any tacky concepts, and just wanted a simple timeless look that wouldn’t end up looking old fashioned years later. So i just showed samples of how I would like my drapes (no overly-scalloped curtains!!) and my color palette (white and lilac), together with fairy lights.  The tables were draped with pink or champagne table runners.


The pelamin was done exactly how I wanted it, and the wedding arch with box decorations was a nice touch. The whole look worked, even without topping up for real flowers and Tiffany chairs. More photos of my decor are up at their website here.

Apparently they have named my theme ‘eventide’ which according to Wiki, is an old term for evening. Sounds quite romantic! By they way, there were no wall or ceiling drapes because the mosque didn’t allow any stapling or taping, not because the vendor was lazy lol. If not, the place would have looked even nicer.

Service was good – she was the one who was chasing me for confirmation, while I was the one who kept sitting on the decisions. Set-up was very prompt, they came at 3pm and were done pretty fast. Tear-down was also fast. Small things like providing an easel at the last minute, was also helpful to me as I really thought I was going to have to rent one from Carousell.

In short, while it’s not jaw-dropping beautiful, I think their decor worked out really well for the price I paid. Thumbs up to RS Wedding Gallery!





Decor done

I love pro-active vendors who chase after me. Seriously.. they ensure you’re on track for everything.

I just settled a meeting with my decor vendor, and decided on the color scheme. There’s quite a few things to consider, as my venue’s wall is dark brown and lightly blue carpeted. My design requirements:

  • No themes eg. rustic/kampong etc. Just a simple design with timeless colors which will still be in trend 20 years later
  • Pastel shades.. so can select bold baju colors
  • Simple drapes with minimal scallops on the pelamin backdrop
  • Fairy lights, so I can take advantage of the venue’s dark brown wall

I was just staring at the varieties of the kain and thinking how to piece all the colors together so they match, as I’m not a visual person to begin with. So many things to look out for:

Couple table to match with the couple table
Guest table color to not clash with the carpet
Parents table – groom and bride color to be complementary, and this will have an impact on the dress code of the families
Wedding arch – to take the traditional one with flowers? Or with just langsir? Pengantin carpet and aisle carpet colour?

Got to take a step back to visualise the big picture. So glad I had my sister who’s got a good design eye to give her input, because frankly my tunang is all like whatever, as guys tend to be. I trust my vendor’s recommendations also because I love her works and how she doesn’t copy and paste her clients design. She gave some great practical advice also.. We’re going to cable tie my money box (I found a nice cheap design in JB!) to the table to prevent any thefts.

So decor is 80% settled for now. It really helps to sort this out first, because this will impact the other color elements.

Thanks to everyone who gave me their recommendations for the wedding cakes! So far, most have not responded (booo!). How long do you all wait eh, before giving up?

I must repeat again – I really love pro-active vendors! Those that I dah deposit, yang tak reply to even give an invoice is really… *i don’t know what to say*

Oh update Facebook page boleh, bagi invoice tak leh.. really ah, make people lose faith only. 

To you, its just another wedding. But to us, its our one and everything.

Ephemeral Decor

Surveying the Malay wedding decor landscape was a bit challenging because like photography, its really very competitive. However despite the many players in the market, the costs are crazily expensive. I laughed my head off in shock when I got some quotes – can pay for a Europe trip lor.

So I was looking for a wallet-friendly option and settled on RS Wedding. Took their Ephemeral Package – you can see their costs here. I am going to top up a bit more to replace the artificial flowers on the pelamin, but will probably not go for their Crown Jewel package and upgrade to Tiffany chairs, because the budget can be spread out over more things.

Anyway I chose RS also because they have a creative eye – they fabricated a swing pelamin for a couple which looked really unique. If budget permits, insyaAllah I will ask them to construct a similar set-up as part of a photo-backdrop instead of hiring a photobooth vendor since the venue is large enough to accommodate this. I am also thinking of fairy lights because the venue has very strong brown colour for the walls.


However, as the venue carpet is blue,. I’ll have to choose the color theme very carefully to avoid any clashes. Everything depends on this – choice of baju, wedding bouquet, family’s color theme for attire etc etc.

To-do list.

  1. Go for marriage course => ROMM
  2. Finalise number of invitees: hopefully can keep the guest list small to 500 and print cards
  3. Decide on the budget for berkat based on the final invite list and go JB to buy
  4. Place order for wedding cake
  5. Decide if videography, kompang and henna is really needed
  6. Place order for dulang decor, sireh dara and bunga rampai
  7. Decide if I want to get ready at home, or book hotel room near venue
  8. Book wedding transport
  9. Decide on mini-moon venue

Yes I am very last-minute! 4.5 months to go!

The big C and D

No doubt, food is one of the most important investments in a majlis. Get the food wrong, and your guests will remember it. Honestly, nobody really cares about your decor once they’ve stepped out of the location, but food can make or break.

As we’re most likely holding our majlis at a venue that cannot do onsite cooking, we’re only left with those that can cook from a licensed kitchen. Which is perfectly fine with me, as there’s some QC involved, especially in terms of hygiene.

I was originally eyeing Orange Ballroom which had a tie-up with Nazreen Catering. Their location was convenient for me, but the deposit for the all in one package was very steep, and they didn’t allow food tasting before we could commit to anything. (My mum has since attended a function there, and confirmed that the food was pretty good though.)

So our search brought us to Doulath Catering. Honestly, we were attracted because of their relatively affordable cost per head. So we emailed to request for a food tasting, and we attended a wedding last weekend.


  • Is the food sedap? Yes! The biryani is fluffy and soft. The ayam masak merah and rendang was tender. These are the core items a caterer must get right. Other items included rojak, achar, roti kirai, mee soto and sambal udang.
  • Is the presentation and service professional? Yes! Everything was laid out neatly and few stains or spillages were spotted. Staff topping up food wore gloves. Food was promptly topped up and there was always more than one staff hovering around to make sure all was okay. The kendarat service was generally quite prompt too and plates were cleared quite fast (very important if you have lots of guests).


  • Is the service good? Yes! Cik Subaidah the owner was very professional and warm to us. We had good vibes with her. We managed to speak to her sister too (it’s a family business) and got along well.
  • Do they have a good track record? Yes! They have quite a history in the business and online reviews have been positive generally. I was introduced to the bride’s mother and I asked her if she would recommend Doulath, and she gave a glowing recommendation.

So yeah, we’ve made the decision to go with Doulath, as we feel its quite value for money. Reserved our date, and we’ll meet up again after Raya to discuss more insyaAllah. They also offer decor services and we will most likely go with them too because I feel its easier if catering + decor is handled by one vendor so that the efforts are aligned.

I’m not too fussy about decor and don’t need to have a themed one. Looked through their portfolio and their work suits me just fine.


(Source: Doulath Wedding Decor)

Okay that’s a load of my mind at least – can settle the venue and photog + videog next.