Review: ND Henna

Will be kicking off my vendor reviews starting from the pre-wedding preps – henna!

At first I was a bit hesitant in applying henna, because my ustaz had pointed out that it has Hindu origins, but over time the intricate designs found its way into Malay weddings. Not sure how this happened, as during our mums’ time, only capping was done. I decided to go for it, only because its evolved such that its become a cultural thing with no religious significance. However I chose to have a floral design, and avoid those that looks like symbols in Hindu temples.

So I sourced around and engaged ND Henna. Nadya’s been doing it for a couple of years, and is working in the arts education field, so she’s naturally creatively inclined. Her portfolio is pretty awesome too. I chose her Violet Package which consists of minimal design on hands and feet, inclusive of capping.


This picture doesn’t really do the stain colors justice, as it was much darker than what it looked like on the photo, having gone through the full 48 hours. The colors on my palm were even richer and that’s where the stain will be the darkest for everyone. I was unable to keep the henna powder on that long unfortunately, as my session was in the morning and I had to remove the powder to take wudhu. We are supposed to have minimal contact with water, but obviously that wasn’t practical. Nadya provided an aftercare set, which included her own mixture of oil and balm to keep it moisturised.


(Yep my stains have faded due to loads of water exposure in Krabi)

Would I recommend Nadya? Absolutely.

Applying henna is already very torturous as we can’t move for hours. But she was easy to talk to, and when there were moments of silence, it was comfortable not awkward. I was amazed at how she fit all her tools in her backpack – stool, henna cones, camera etc.

She’s very responsive to emails and enquiries too, and proactive in follow-ups. I like her customised floral design for me, and she understood my sister’s requirement for her design too (esp my henna party only had 1 person hahaha).

For those, who can’t sit still and wants a guaranteed red stain, she also provides those instant henna which all those Malaysian artists are applying.

Nadya, if you’re reading this – you’re totally on my A-list of wedding vendors, and I hope this review helps in getting you more business. 🙂