Review: 4S Catering

Previously I blogged about how I was keen to engage Doulath because I thought they were value for money. Well as all BTBs know, plans flip a lot along the way macam roti prata. So in the end we engaged 4S Catering.


Its one of those old-timer companies who depend on word of mouth. And the towkay is.. my hubby’s uncle! Engaging a family member has its pros and cons – you can be assured that they won’t shortchange you, but any issues and it will get pretty awkward. Luckily there was minimal issues.

The menu was as follows:

Nasi jagung, daging kicap, ayam masak merah, dalca sayur, paceri nanas, sambal goreng paru, sweet & sour fish, rojak petis, mee hoon goreng, soto, lontong, pulut hitam, pisang goreng, malay kueh and fruits.



Stole these photos from my guests. Hehe even the food signages were the old-school print on MS Word type.

Alhamdulilah, there were really good reviews especially on how refreshing and light it was to eat nasi jagung instead of briyani. Soto Rohanah was made by my hubby’s auntie, and was very popular too. I think when something is made with love, your tastebuds can tell. So must be teliti when cooking for our hubbies.

Initially I was worried that desserts were not enough as I didn’t engage those candy/ice-cream/churros/waffles providers. But the kueh was sufficient. I am forever grateful to Cik Su for being so generous, and also ensuring that his kendarat service was professional.


Honestly though, what I love from 4S Catering is the teh tarik! Its just so full bodied and not sweet. I think they use tea leaves instead of the usual Lipton bag!

I think the good reviews for the catering really made me and my mum happy, because our priority was to ensure people were happily fed. I didn’t manage to eat at the majlis but I had their nasi bungkus for many days and it didn’t feel jelak at all.

If any BTB is still looking for a caterer and wants to try their cooking, ask your other halves to go to Masjid Jamek at Queenstown where Cik Su will cook a spread before Friday prayers. You simply can’t go wrong with years of experience. ūüôā

A ++++ !

Step by step we will get there

Sometimes when I read the blogs of those BTBs who I’ve been following and see that they have passed their nikah journey, I’m happy for them and also kind of jealous.. because I can’t wait to get this planning over and done with!

The closer the date, the more challenges. Its true what they say about the increased pressure and drama. Some things I need to overcome:

  • Hantaran issues
  • Slow replies from certain vendors – how long do you all wait for replies ah? Not sure if I have high expectations because of work, but I think 3 days is the maximum
  • Budgeting. Feeling broke after paying for bridal room stuff.
  • Doing all these planning at night when tired after work
  • Pointless opinions
  • Confused over itinerary and programme flow

My mum always nags at us for being last minute, but I’m glad also because she makes sure all the timelines are on track. My bridal room makeover is on track – bought bedroom set, mattress and confirmed my wallpaper color. Only left bedsheet and curtains, which I’m looking out at all the sales now.

Also just confirmed my berkat tonight. But hey, this was quite a headache trying to think of something beyond the usual towels/forkandspoons/honey/redondo etc. In the end I settled for halal bakes from ¬†Whipped Love¬†¬†who I found by searching for #berkat in Instagram. Not having any children’s berkat because they can eat the sweet stuff too. Been a pleasure dealing with this vendor, who’s quite prompt!

I like dealing with people who’s hungry for my money. Those that take money and then shake leg afterward – really feel like naming and shaming them. Yes. don’t pecah periuk nasi orang, but seriously we also have hard-earned money that we entrust to them too. -_-

Also met my tunang’s uncle who runs his own catering business too – we’ve decided to engage him since its easier to liaise with someone from his family. InsyaAllah the food will be good.

I hope to confirm my videography and cake vendor this week. And maybe the transport next week (last resort will be to book a Grab Coach at $65/trip). Decided not to have henna or photobooth, but now I’m itching to have some sort of interesting live station or desert corner lol.

Slowly but surely, we will get there..

The big C and D

No doubt, food is one of the most important investments in a majlis. Get the food wrong, and your guests will remember it. Honestly, nobody really cares about your decor once they’ve stepped out of the location, but food can make or break.

As we’re most likely holding our majlis at a venue that cannot do onsite cooking, we’re only left with those that can cook from a licensed kitchen. Which is perfectly fine with me, as there’s some QC involved, especially in terms of hygiene.

I was originally eyeing Orange Ballroom which had a tie-up with Nazreen Catering. Their location was convenient for me, but the deposit for the all in one package was very steep, and they didn’t allow food tasting before we could commit to anything.¬†(My mum has since attended a function there, and confirmed that the food was pretty good though.)

So our search brought us to Doulath Catering. Honestly, we were attracted because of their relatively affordable cost per head. So we emailed to request for a food tasting, and we attended a wedding last weekend.


  • Is the food sedap? Yes! The biryani is fluffy and soft. The ayam masak merah and rendang was tender. These are the core items a caterer must get right. Other items included rojak, achar, roti kirai, mee soto and sambal udang.
  • Is the presentation and service professional? Yes! Everything was laid out neatly and few¬†stains or spillages were spotted. Staff topping up food wore gloves. Food was promptly topped up and there was always more than one staff hovering around to make sure all was okay. The kendarat service was generally quite prompt too and plates were cleared quite fast (very important if you have lots of guests).


  • Is the service good? Yes! Cik Subaidah the owner was very professional and warm to us. We had good vibes with her. We managed to speak to her sister too (it’s a family business) and got along well.
  • Do they have a good track record? Yes! They have quite a history in the business and online reviews have been positive generally. I was introduced to the bride’s mother and I asked her if she would recommend Doulath, and she gave a glowing recommendation.

So yeah, we’ve made the decision to go with Doulath, as we feel its quite value for money. Reserved our date, and we’ll meet up again after Raya to discuss more insyaAllah. They also offer decor services and we will most likely go with them too because I feel its easier if catering + decor is handled by one vendor so that the efforts are aligned.

I’m not too fussy about decor and don’t need to have a themed one. Looked through their portfolio and their work suits me just fine.


(Source: Doulath Wedding Decor)

Okay that’s a load of my mind at least – can settle the venue and photog + videog next.