Review: Wedding Cakes by Salwah Omar

I left the cake ordering to the last minute, as I also wasn’t sure if I wanted one – but I admit it added to the decor, especially if you coordinate the colors. Kak Salwah was my choice after I asked for help in one of my posts. I really liked her past works, and she was within my budget too.

In general, the budget conscious brides can try home bakers, as their costs tend to be lower as they won’t have to pass their overhead expenses¬†to you. ¬†Fondant is more expensive and not as tasty as cream, but I feel that the finished look gives a more elegant look. So I ordered a two-tier cake fondant cake from her, and requested for a lilac number to match the decor.


I’m happy with how it turned out – and I think two tier is just nice as we were able to give out the cake to relatives present. The flavours we chose were chocolate salted caramel and raspberry ivoire. So delicious and the sweetness level was just right.

Tip: Don’t wait too long to give out the cake. After cake-cutting, just inform your orang kuat to start giving them out already. Have tapao containers ready under the table so you can distribute everything.

Kak Salwah does baking classes too. I’m keen to sign up for one of them!

Team Fondant or Buttercream?


Because I feel like searching for pretty cakes today. I think a smaller 3 tiered one would be just nice in terms of practicality (face it, not much people will eat the cake and you’ll likely have leftovers) and large enough for a customised design to stand out.

So now the issue is – fondant icing or buttercream frosting? This impacts choice of vendor as some only do one type/strong in only one area etc.

Things to consider:

1) Cake appearance – fondant allows for more elaborate designs and clean lines because of smooth texture.

2) Cost – fondant is more costly than buttercream

3) Length and temperature of reception – fondant lasts longer because of its consistency

4) Taste – buttercream is much nicer because fondant tastes chewy and dry

I’m leaning towards team fondant as I mentioned earlier not much people will get to eat the cake anyway. I think its more important for it to look good and align with the decor!

But off course, there’s other options to consider like the traditional pulut kuning, cupcake, cakes in jar and macaron cakes too.

I am still undecided yet – so many talented bakers around!