Month: January 2017

Decor done

I love pro-active vendors who chase after me. Seriously.. they ensure you’re on track for everything.

I just settled a meeting with my decor vendor, and decided on the color scheme. There’s quite a few things to consider, as my venue’s wall is dark brown and lightly blue carpeted. My design requirements:

  • No themes eg. rustic/kampong etc. Just a simple design with timeless colors which will still be in trend 20 years later
  • Pastel shades.. so can select bold baju colors
  • Simple drapes with minimal scallops on the pelamin backdrop
  • Fairy lights, so I can take advantage of the venue’s dark brown wall

I was just staring at the varieties of the kain and thinking how to piece all the colors together so they match, as I’m not a visual person to begin with. So many things to look out for:

Couple table to match with the couple table
Guest table color to not clash with the carpet
Parents table – groom and bride color to be complementary, and this will have an impact on the dress code of the families
Wedding arch – to take the traditional one with flowers? Or with just langsir? Pengantin carpet and aisle carpet colour?

Got to take a step back to visualise the big picture. So glad I had my sister who’s got a good design eye to give her input, because frankly my tunang is all like whatever, as guys tend to be. I trust my vendor’s recommendations also because I love her works and how she doesn’t copy and paste her clients design. She gave some great practical advice also.. We’re going to cable tie my money box (I found a nice cheap design in JB!) to the table to prevent any thefts.

So decor is 80% settled for now. It really helps to sort this out first, because this will impact the other color elements.

Thanks to everyone who gave me their recommendations for the wedding cakes! So far, most have not responded (booo!). How long do you all wait eh, before giving up?

I must repeat again – I really love pro-active vendors! Those that I dah deposit, yang tak reply to even give an invoice is really… *i don’t know what to say*

Oh update Facebook page boleh, bagi invoice tak leh.. really ah, make people lose faith only. 

To you, its just another wedding. But to us, its our one and everything.

Videography in motion

And so a year after deliberating whether to have videography or not, I caved in. At first I wanted to see if we had enough budget, but as the months went by I knew I could not go without video documentation.

Yes I will definitely not watch and re-watch the video beyond the wedding, same for photos but it would be good to have the option to take it out and see it again if I wanted to rather than relying on the memories in my head. Memories fade but video footage doesn’t lie hahaha.

I’d had a few vendors in mind, but the one I always gravitated to was Merah in Motion. There’s just this timeless quality to their edits that I’ve always been drawn to. Plus I prefer vendors that focus solely on their one area of expertise only. I’ve seen some unprofessional shooting – for example one that had a shot of the groom’s jamban when they were filming him getting ready!

After looking at some of the video vendors at the Wedding Expo (scary place!!!) and not finding any better alternatives, I decided to go back to my first choice. Alhamdulilah for two things – since I enquired in 2016, I can still pay last year’s pricing, and they are still available! Was really lucky since they mentioned they are almost closing for 2017.

Paid the deposit and ran through the rough itinerary with the in-charge, Hidir who advised us on the sequence of the programme. We had a pretty interesting convo with him, and we feel at ease with him. Affirmed that we made the right choice. Bonus also that he knows my photog team.

I’m actually more excited about the video than the actual majlis – staying up late just to look for stock music lol. Going JB tomorrow over the long weekend to chill from all this wedding planning. So irritated with unresponsive vendors – dah bayar tapi don’t want to give invoice!

Ohh and if anyone can recommend their wedding cake baker to me, pleaseeee do so. Everyone I emailed doesn’t seem to want my business 😦

Step by step we will get there

Sometimes when I read the blogs of those BTBs who I’ve been following and see that they have passed their nikah journey, I’m happy for them and also kind of jealous.. because I can’t wait to get this planning over and done with!

The closer the date, the more challenges. Its true what they say about the increased pressure and drama. Some things I need to overcome:

  • Hantaran issues
  • Slow replies from certain vendors – how long do you all wait for replies ah? Not sure if I have high expectations because of work, but I think 3 days is the maximum
  • Budgeting. Feeling broke after paying for bridal room stuff.
  • Doing all these planning at night when tired after work
  • Pointless opinions
  • Confused over itinerary and programme flow

My mum always nags at us for being last minute, but I’m glad also because she makes sure all the timelines are on track. My bridal room makeover is on track – bought bedroom set, mattress and confirmed my wallpaper color. Only left bedsheet and curtains, which I’m looking out at all the sales now.

Also just confirmed my berkat tonight. But hey, this was quite a headache trying to think of something beyond the usual towels/forkandspoons/honey/redondo etc. In the end I settled for halal bakes from  Whipped Love  who I found by searching for #berkat in Instagram. Not having any children’s berkat because they can eat the sweet stuff too. Been a pleasure dealing with this vendor, who’s quite prompt!

I like dealing with people who’s hungry for my money. Those that take money and then shake leg afterward – really feel like naming and shaming them. Yes. don’t pecah periuk nasi orang, but seriously we also have hard-earned money that we entrust to them too. -_-

Also met my tunang’s uncle who runs his own catering business too – we’ve decided to engage him since its easier to liaise with someone from his family. InsyaAllah the food will be good.

I hope to confirm my videography and cake vendor this week. And maybe the transport next week (last resort will be to book a Grab Coach at $65/trip). Decided not to have henna or photobooth, but now I’m itching to have some sort of interesting live station or desert corner lol.

Slowly but surely, we will get there..

How to save $$

What a BTB should not do when its near bed time: total up the remaining costs to pay vendors. I’m hitting $1x k and counting (have not paid anything to caterer yet). I don’t think I can sleep after this because of mixed feelings.

It took me years to build my savings war-chest, and to have some of my accumulated hard work used up.. is hard to swallow. Yet, we still want that dream wedding to signify the start of a beautiful life journey.

So it can be a hard financial road doing a majlis these days but we shall battle on!

In the meantime, thought I’d share some cost-saving lobangs which I’ve been using to make it easier on the pocket.

  1. Shopback

I freaking love this website – its so simple to use to get cashback. For instance, my recent Sarawak trip booked on got me $33 back. They have so many e-tailers now, that whatever wedding stuff you want to get online eg. decor items through Aliexpress or honeymoon though the airlines or hotel booking sites can garner you cashback. And you can get double savings when the site has a promo code eg. you route to Groupon through Shopback, and when you check out the item, you can enter Groupon’s discount code as well.

The only downside is the long waiting time because they need to make sure you did a legit transaction, but eventually the money does come in.

(Shameless self-referral #1: Click on my referal link and we both get $5 when you make your first purchase)

2. SingPromos

Subscribe to their daily mailing list. They cover loads of deals locally. Currently looking for a tilam now, and the mailer says there’s a Seahorse mattress sale.

3. Uber/Grab

Lately Uber hasn’t been having much promo codes but Grab has been rather aggressive. The latest one was the spend on one Grab ride to unlock 7 rides for $7 off. I used this for short distances less than $7, so the ride is free. I love using Grab in JB especially when running wedding errands, because they have many promo codes, and with the exchange rates most of the rides are free also.

4. YouGov

Take online surveys for research studies and get points for every one survey you complete. Get 5000 points and you can exchange for $25 for your Paypal account (can shop online!) or 2500 Air Asia Big points. I’ve been using it to get cheaper fares for Air Asia. Its pretty easy to hit 5000 points within a few months, as they send the survey invite quite frequently. I suspect its because not many Malays are registered with them, and they always need to hit their Malay quota statistically.

(Shameless self-referral #2: Click on my referal link and help me get points ;p)

5. National Steps Challenge

Registration has closed but can look out for the next round. Basically, the more steps you take the more points you earn. I have redeemed $15 worth of NTUC vouchers, but there’s an option for Capitaland vouchers also. Its not easy to clock the steps for the vouchers, but the thing is.. we’re going to walk anyway, so why not get vouchers while doing it?

BTBS, what other cost-savings do you use? Please share! 🙂



The Guestbook

Didn’t know if we wanted to DIY the guestbook as many people do, or just buy those ready-made sets.

So was thinking about it, then I remembered that I had purchased a Groupon from Photobook Singapore for $14.90 in Jan last year. Konon nak buat engagement photobook for memories. But then hangat-hangat tahi ayam happened, and I forgot about this project amongst all the other more important stuff.

So now I’ve decided to use the Groupon to make a wedding photobook cum guestbook. We already have the pre-wedding photoshoot album from Miosa, but am not using that to display on the reception table because its heavy and expensive. So I just plucked some of the more halal photos from our pre-wed photoshoot and did the photobook layout for the first half. The second half was left blank for guests to write on (but I don’t even mind if they scribble on the photo pages, since we already have our own official photo album).

When checking out I realised that the Groupon had expired, so I wrote in to request for an extension which they did out of goodwill. Thumbs up for their service team! The order process was all very fast. I topped up to a better quality photo lustre paper, so its easier to write on with a marker. With DHL shipping, I paid around $30. They sent it after 3 days, and the quality is really good!

They are still running Groupons (although it looks like there’s a slight price increase).  The one I took is 8×8 square but there’s options for bigger size too. If you want to do a flat-lay, you can also top up more. This might have been the better option because my face is cut in the middle of the book for certain photos, and guests have to hold the page down to sign the book. But it was quite a significant top-up, and we didn’t want to pay a lot for something that plays a teeny role only in the entire majlis. We’re just happy to have sort-of customised our guestbook.

Next DIY project: money box!



So yesterday, we went in JB to settle our kad jemputan. I previously blogged about getting a package from Kad Kahwin Cun but we made a mistake that day. We were a bit tired that day and made a noob mistake by ordering 1000 cards for 1000 people. Obviously none of us realised the correct amount is 500 cards instead.

20160925_123757.jpgMy previously chosen design – I liked how the paper had a nice grainy texture

So we went back to their shop at Larkin to amend the package. We scaled down to 400 pax instead because we had decided on a leaner guest list. Obviously with the drastic reduction of cards needed, the amount needed to pay them was much lesser than what I had been prepared to pay the first time. So I took the opportunity to upgrade my card to a larger size, with hotstamping and inlay. Something like what zzanny shared in her blog. With the very good exchange rate, it all worked out to 55 cents/piece.

We would have been out there earlier if not for another noob mistake – we didn’t prepare the directions for how to get to the majlis venue. So there we were in the shop feeling hot (banyak shops there don’t turn on their air-con) and googling away for public transport directions. Anyway we settled the information required, and the designer will get in touch in another 2 weeks, so hopefully that first draft now is not something that needs major changes.

Anyway they also do berkat – a jar of honey with tags and ribbon can be as cheap as 80 cents per piece. I am seriously considering this.. but I’ve no car, so can be leceh to bring across customs.

But am definitely going to make more trips to JB. The train is a much better way to travel to avoid the jams, and its so much easier to get around there now with Grab/Uber. With the frequent promo codes they have there, the rides are sometimes free!

To-do list, 97 days out.

  1. Coordinate with  caterer, decor and draw floor plan with set-up
  2. Settle invite card design
  3. Buy berkat
  4. Place order for wedding cake
  5. Source for cheap videographer
  6. Settle wallpaper, mattress and bridal bedsheet
  7. Book wedding transport
  8. Decide on mini-moon venue
  9. Wedding bouquet theme

Wedding expo this week! Don’t mind popping down to see if there’s any value for money videography packages!

Revamping the bridal room

As I won’t be buying a new home for the time being, my tunang will be moving in with me. Hence its important to spruce up the room I’ll be using.

I  had sourced for some quotes for bridal room decor, and they’re not cheap considering the impermanence of it all. Discussed with my mum and we decided to invest in a proper bedroom set that will last years.

Thought about this for awhile, and finally headed to Home Wellness Furniture (that furniture shop in the corner of Joo Chiat Complex) which has quite value for money stuff there. Looked around and decided on a bedroom set consisting: a bedframe, 2 doors sliding wardrobe with mirror, 1 side table and 1 dresser with stool.


The side table and cupboard with mirror

I chose everything in white, but the bedframe will be brown because its a more practical colour. The whole set would have cost $3000+ for the separate pieces in total, but the package costs me $21XX inclusive of delivery. Thought it was a pretty good deal since the set had everything I wanted and provided enough storage space for my needs.

I chose delivery in April because I need to do something about my walls first. Debated again on paint vs wallpaper, and I’ve decided on wallpaper because I wanted a textured  finish which paint couldn’t quite achieve. The makcik at the furniture shop referred us to a wallpaper shop in Joo Chiat Complex and we popped by to see the selection.

The apek showed us his latest collection of Korean wallpapers, and so cantik! Together with workmanship costs and depending on which range we take, it can cost between $750 – $900 for a bedroom. More ex than painting my room DIY off course, but it has the desired effect I want. So next step is to come back to his shop with a measurement, and carefully choose the colors that would complement the  bedroom set.

The other pressing issue is the mattress. I’m wiling to invest in this, because sleep quality is really important. So I’m looking at the big brands first. Heard Mattress Centre has a good collection, so will probably look there too!