Review: Merah In Motion

I now get why new brides just don’t update their blogs anymore after the wedding. There’s added responsibilities, and much of the wedding preps excitement that shaped our lives… is now gone. It’s a new phase of life, and frankly some of the things we fussed about then seemed so trivial when we’ve stepped out from wedding mania to see the bigger picture.

With the passage of time, my interest in weddings have really plunged. I unfollowed so many vendors on social media, leaving only my own. I do look forward to their updates and see what they are up to. Those vendors I had such a good time with – a lingering attachment still stays.

One of them is Merah in Motion. Past readers would know that I contemplated hard before putting the budget down for them. But this is one of the best decisions I made considering how my photos turned out (but that’s a story for another review). There’s just something about video that photos cannot replicate – the sound and movement captured, especially things like the nikah and kompang.

It was a good experience from the start and Hidir was a very sincere guy who has a passion for creating good content. I loved how they were able to use their drone and captured shots from different angles so that the final product is multi-layered and so nuanced. My fave product is the wedding highlights which is now uploaded on their vimeo. I let my job hazard get the better for me and asked for 2 edits. Please be specific and help your videographer on this by identifying the exact time stamp you want to make changes instead of giving vague directions.

There was a minor hiccup when the final wedding video they gave didn’t edit out the previous couple’s names but they were quick to rectify and send over a new DVD. The final product of a thumdrive and DVD was really classy in the velvet box, making a good keepsake.

So yes, I thought it was money well-spent because I can look back and laugh at some of the funny moments of the wedding, and tear at how solemn the nikah was. Totally would recommend eating grass just to spend on videography.




  1. I’m taking MIM too! I’ve been watching their videos too but which one is yours I’m curious hehe!

    Btw, did they ask for songs to put in the videos or did you give them any? How long are the different videos that are in the package?


      1. @dentedaura: These were my choices, but the final video didn’t use all of them. So MIM will curate those that fit the mood of the action šŸ™‚


        1) Everdream by Epic Soul Factory

        2) Enya – The Memory of Trees

        3) Taegukgi OST

        1) Mustika – M Nasir

        2) Ku Ingin Selamanya – Ungu


        1) Right Here Waiting – R Marx

        2) From this moment On – Shania Twain


    1. Ermm if you’ve seen the most recent one at Masjid Ar-Raudhah, that’s mine hehe. Anyway yes you can choose your songs, but for the online 5 – 10 min highlights its usually stock music because of copyright issues.

      The other video is pretty long – my nikah + sanding longer version was like 1 hr plus I think because it captured most of the key action and well wishes. This long version you can choose your own songs cos its for private consumption. šŸ™‚


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