It began with.. paintball

25 January 2014. 

I had signed up for a paintball outing, with a group of strangers.

I didn’t want to go, as my sister had been hospitalised. I was this close to messaging the organiser that I couldn’t make it and sacrificing the money I had paid.

But I went ahead anyway, dragging my feet all the way to the train station and on the train to Marsiling.

When I reached the station, there were 2 guys waiting at the train station. One of them had been on the same train as me.

I didn’t know then, that this was the guy intended for me.

We all walked together to the train station and I found him to be engaging enough, that I sneakily made myself be on the same team as him.

When the paintball game started, I found him to be pro-active and strategic. We won all our games against the other team. I was really bad at it though.. the mask was foggy and I was shooting rather blindly. My one contribution was to capture the flag, but I got shot at and it was so so so so PAINTFUL! Four games was more than enough for me.

After annihilating the other team, we went to Masjid An-Nur for our prayers. I vividly remembered him asking if I was going to join them for dinner once we had all gathered after prayers.

I had not planned to, but since he asked.. why not? I ended up sitting next to him on the bus and at the food court at Causeway Point where we chatted some more.

To cut a short story even shorter, we exchanged numbers and messaged each other daily.

Turned out that his uncle which he regularly visits, lives only the opposite block from me! It took a paintball game before our paths finally crossed.

Allah had planned it all right from the beginning. 🙂


We shall remain behind the masks for now…