Vexed over venue

Still unable to pin down a venue. As my tunang says, “Sekejap nak ni, sekejap nak tu.” I think he quickly wants to settle this soon! But its not easy la, there’s so many things to factor when you choose a location for combined weddings:

  • Cost – will it bankrupt you?
  • Accessibility – will the neneks terketar-ketar making their way to the venue? If a venue is ulu, the least they can do is provide punctual shuttle bus
  • Distance to home – is it equidistant to both your houses?
  • Facilities – is there a proper changing room that’s comfortable or do you need to change in the jamban? is there enough carpark lots around?
  • Space – after you place everything, is it cramped? will guests have to stand around grumpily waiting for empty tables?
  • Comfort – is there air-conditioning?
  • Restrictions – cannot cook, wash etc etc
  • Security – will they suddenly last-minute say you can’t use the venue? *coughCCcough*
  • Aesthetics – got pillar? got lines on the floor? got ugly hanging things?

And so on and so forth.

We still want to nikah at masjid, that’s for certain. Its the reception that’s a question mark. Now we’re also open to all in one packages with venue that could be affordable, considering we haven’t placed a deposit with Doulath* yet. But more often then not, I keep hearing horror stories about these providers. At least if you take separate and one screws up, your headache is not so great.

There’s seriously so few good choices out there that I went to look for alternative spaces eg. *SCAPE Ground Theatre (too ex!), Le Danz Ballroom (got bar!), Pavilion at Far East Square (too CBD – reminds me of work!), The Concrete Concept (too hipster!).

I guess right now, the plan is to settle for a CC but we don’t like being able to apply only so much nearer the date and no guarantees we will be successful too.

Oh well, hoping for the best!