Review: Ishq by NZ

Every BTB knows that Ishq is one of the most sought after bridals. I’m quite impressed at how business-savvy Kak N is – being the first to properly give brides the option of wearing Malaysian designer wear. This was actually one of the reasons I signed up and off course her make-up skills .

After signing up, suddenly all these comments about the bridal started surfacing and I was apprehensive but still had high expectations. I stuck with my decision, and while I was glad I did – in all honesty, I think if I went back in time, I might have tried a different bridal.

Firstly, this bridal is very popular which means there’s back to back appointments and you absolutely have to make it within your timeslot. If you can’t get off work, better fake an MC. And also because there’s many brides every week, the same dress gets recycled every often (my sanding baju was chosen like 1 mths before, and 2 mths after my wedding) so the exclusivity factor wasn’t really there. BUT the good thing is there’s customization from designers, so if you truly want your own look, go for this option (at a steep price off course).

Also not allowed to bongkar or try the outfits doing selection – double mehhh. Have to return the outfits on the same day of the wedding – triple mehhh. But I understand from my friend that there’s now a guy who will help bring the outfits back so that’s great for future BTBs.

All these rules aside, I really do think that the team is very professional in what they do. Lina does a great job coordinating sign-ups and appointments, and she’s really great to talk to and open in sharing  her experiences. The seamstress team was awesome to work with and knew their stuff, allaying all my insecurities.

Kak N’s makeup was on point – she chose more dramatic looks for me probably because of my choice of outfit colors. Everyone said they couldn’t recognize me and my friend actually went back out to check the signage to see if he was at the right wedding hahaha. I received nothing but compliments – so its really a testament to her skills. I got along with her okay – she didn’t stay with me throughout but came back to the venue for make-up reapplication (which I paid for) after zohor. But for some reason, I wasn’t totally at ease and well – I think chemistry is important between a bride and MUA.

So – would I recommend Ishq? Yes – if you want a bridal that knows their stuff and want Kak N’s makeup. But if you want more flexibility and not abide by many terms, then you may want to explore other options.


  1. Thanks for the review babe. How long did it take you to change outfits, i.e. from the time you leave the venue to the time you reappear with your second outfit etc?


  2. yayyy update on this hahahha. my selection is this monthhhh. did you get their designer outfits? do they have specific measurements if you wanna get their designer?


    1. hey babe! no need to top up for designer i think..their normal collection is pretty enough! yes, they need to measure you first and will only bring out the clothes that they know will fit you.


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