Reality Cheque

There was this recent article lately in New Paper about wedding costs ballooning. There was an interview with a Malay couple who spent $33K for a MPH wedding. I was like… really?? Then I calculated my current costs after tabulating all the major vendors, and we are reaching around there already for our planned CC wedding. Even for a combined wedding and factoring in duit salam money, the final costs seems excessive.

Unfortunately we can’t do away with the majlis as both of us are the oldest child in the family. However we can try to manage the guest list since catering is a huge chunk. This social media generation doesn’t help too – we get carried away with glossy photos of lawa brides, beautiful venues and emo cinematic videos. And before you know it, your wedding budget expands like a balloon.

Being a relatively old bride (early 30’s..what to do, met my jodoh late ;p), I’ve learnt over the years how important it is to have spare cashflow for emergencies and ensuring adequate protection through insurance policies (esp healthcare). I’m glad that my tunang and I agree that investment is a must (but shariah compliant). So the rule of thumb is to have an emergency savings buffer of 6 months pay, and nothing less. We shouldn’t spend so much on the wedding till bank account kosong. Because the economy now is quite gloomy and predicted to get worse. We need to constantly doa that pintu rezeki will always be open to us.

Although the other half is same age as me, he only started working for a couple of years as he went a long journey from ITE – poly – degree, while I took the shorter route. So I don’t want to burden him as he has other financial commitments to take care off too. Both of us are also as the age where we are supporting our parents already.

But having said that, we can’t compromise costs for quality too (what if the pelamin roboh?). So things like catering, bridal and photography can invest more. Smaller things that are transient like henna don’t have to get the big names. Keep a close eye out for promotions if haven’t booked that particular service yet.  Please share if there’s other ways to save costs too. 🙂