Birth Story

Before my memory fades, I better document my labour story.

Alhamdulilah my pregnancy was smooth with only vomiting and heartburn as the major symptoms. Which was why I was hoping for a smooth labour.

But my plans for a natural delivery didn’t pan out. My gynae (Dr Suzanna) is pro natural birth and I totally wasn’t expecting a caesarean birth. My EDD was 11 October and I had no signs of labour at all. Just some mucus plug 2 weeks before.

So I agreed to be induced on my due date and admitted myself to KKH. Went to the Fetal Monitoring unit at 2 pm. Had 4 pills inserted and I only dilated to 3 cm by the next day.

I was moved to the labour suite at about 2 am.  In the morning my waterbag was broken and oxytocin IV drips inserted to induce contractions. I was also Group B strep positive so I needed antibiotics running into me as well. You can imagine the amount of fluids that were pumped into me.

So as I was 3 cm, I could opt for an epidural which I did off course. This was not smooth also. I knew all along I had scoliosis and my lower spine was curved. The anaesthesist couldnt find my sweet spot on the spine and I think she poked me 5 times *face palm* I am not afraid of needles but this was a bit too much. Thankfully it got up and running.

From there it was a waiting game..and so I waited..and waited..till the next morning. I was still at 8 cm and baby’s head had not even come down. So Dr Suzanna made the call to do a c sect instead. After all that, I didnt get a natural birth 😦

But anyways labour had gone too long already so I was quickly wheeled into the OT. Since it was an emergency, I could not have anyone scrubbed in with me. In the OT i had more epidural problems.. the anaesthetist placed a bag of ice on my tummy and asked if I could feel it. Even after 20 minutes I still could which meant it wasnt working on me.

I had to be put under general anaesthesia. Which I was thankful for because I would have been so traumatised if I could feel them cutting me up. But the dissapointing part is I couldnt skin to skin with my baby immediately as I woke up 2 hours later and she was placed in the special care nursery.

Thanfully I could have her back in my arms after a few hours! Alhamdulilah we were both doing ok and could be discharged the day after.

I am still under confinement and learning from my own mother how to care for her. But thats a post for another day.

What I’ve learnt from the first trimester

It’s been a meaningful pregnancy so far and there’s really no experience in the world that can beat the feeling of growing a life inside. There’s something new to learn everyday and read up on. Here’s some practical takeaways from the first 13 weeks:

+ Try to save as much as you possibly can. I went the subsidised route to save money on the first trimester screenings and scans, but swopping over to private from the second trimester onwards

+If you’re the easily anxious sort, don’t take the Down Syndrome’s screening test. I took the Oscar one and was quite worried before the results

+Always carry a plastic bag as the urge to throw up knows no place and time boundaries. Morning sickness must be changed to ‘whole day sickness’

+ It’s okay to have a Starbucks once in awhile to make you feel human again

+Sometimes must be kiasu (like booking wedding vendors) for services which are popular. I booked Sizzling Dyanna for her confinement meals the moment she opened

+Join a whatsapp chat for mummy to be’s who will be delivering same month as you. It will really help in terms of resource sharing or just whining about the pregnancy symptoms

+Doa loads everyday and let baby listen to surahs. I bought the Islamic Audio Device for this purpose!

The second trimester would be all about settling the practical things and looking out for baby sales. 🙂

Review: Ishq by NZ

Every BTB knows that Ishq is one of the most sought after bridals. I’m quite impressed at how business-savvy Kak N is – being the first to properly give brides the option of wearing Malaysian designer wear. This was actually one of the reasons I signed up and off course her make-up skills .

After signing up, suddenly all these comments about the bridal started surfacing and I was apprehensive but still had high expectations. I stuck with my decision, and while I was glad I did – in all honesty, I think if I went back in time, I might have tried a different bridal.

Firstly, this bridal is very popular which means there’s back to back appointments and you absolutely have to make it within your timeslot. If you can’t get off work, better fake an MC. And also because there’s many brides every week, the same dress gets recycled every often (my sanding baju was chosen like 1 mths before, and 2 mths after my wedding) so the exclusivity factor wasn’t really there. BUT the good thing is there’s customization from designers, so if you truly want your own look, go for this option (at a steep price off course).

Also not allowed to bongkar or try the outfits doing selection – double mehhh. Have to return the outfits on the same day of the wedding – triple mehhh. But I understand from my friend that there’s now a guy who will help bring the outfits back so that’s great for future BTBs.

All these rules aside, I really do think that the team is very professional in what they do. Lina does a great job coordinating sign-ups and appointments, and she’s really great to talk to and open in sharing  her experiences. The seamstress team was awesome to work with and knew their stuff, allaying all my insecurities.

Kak N’s makeup was on point – she chose more dramatic looks for me probably because of my choice of outfit colors. Everyone said they couldn’t recognize me and my friend actually went back out to check the signage to see if he was at the right wedding hahaha. I received nothing but compliments – so its really a testament to her skills. I got along with her okay – she didn’t stay with me throughout but came back to the venue for make-up reapplication (which I paid for) after zohor. But for some reason, I wasn’t totally at ease and well – I think chemistry is important between a bride and MUA.

So – would I recommend Ishq? Yes – if you want a bridal that knows their stuff and want Kak N’s makeup. But if you want more flexibility and not abide by many terms, then you may want to explore other options.

Review: Merah In Motion

I now get why new brides just don’t update their blogs anymore after the wedding. There’s added responsibilities, and much of the wedding preps excitement that shaped our lives… is now gone. It’s a new phase of life, and frankly some of the things we fussed about then seemed so trivial when we’ve stepped out from wedding mania to see the bigger picture.

With the passage of time, my interest in weddings have really plunged. I unfollowed so many vendors on social media, leaving only my own. I do look forward to their updates and see what they are up to. Those vendors I had such a good time with – a lingering attachment still stays.

One of them is Merah in Motion. Past readers would know that I contemplated hard before putting the budget down for them. But this is one of the best decisions I made considering how my photos turned out (but that’s a story for another review). There’s just something about video that photos cannot replicate – the sound and movement captured, especially things like the nikah and kompang.

It was a good experience from the start and Hidir was a very sincere guy who has a passion for creating good content. I loved how they were able to use their drone and captured shots from different angles so that the final product is multi-layered and so nuanced. My fave product is the wedding highlights which is now uploaded on their vimeo. I let my job hazard get the better for me and asked for 2 edits. Please be specific and help your videographer on this by identifying the exact time stamp you want to make changes instead of giving vague directions.

There was a minor hiccup when the final wedding video they gave didn’t edit out the previous couple’s names but they were quick to rectify and send over a new DVD. The final product of a thumdrive and DVD was really classy in the velvet box, making a good keepsake.

So yes, I thought it was money well-spent because I can look back and laugh at some of the funny moments of the wedding, and tear at how solemn the nikah was. Totally would recommend eating grass just to spend on videography.



Review – Braders Kompang

As the months go by and the henna on my fingernails fade, I’ve become seriously lazy to continue updating this blog. The semangat kahwin planning has long faded away. But I shall press on, for the sake of preserving memories and benefiting BTBs who are still sourcing.

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I was in two minds about kompang. It is so cost-ineffective but whenever I got to weddings, my heart skips a beat everytime I hear the beats signalling the arrival of the couple. Hence I still went around asking for quotes – it seems that the market price is now $600+ onwards for one-way,

One of those that replied was Braders Kompang, a relatively new group but it seems they are up and coming. They followed up with me when I was undecided and said they could work around my budget alhamdulilah. We settled on a price, and I did the bank transfer for the deposit in December.

Now this is where I got annoyed since I had to chase after them for the e-invoice with no response. Finally I got it in February, with the excuse being laptop malfunction. Ok so nearer our wedding date, we texted the Braders I/C to meet him at the venue since the kompang group can’t play inside the mosque, and we need to determine the best route. We didn’t get a reply either, so we called the 2nd contact person listed on the e-invoice to confirm that they would actually turn up on the day itself. =X

Well, they came early and despite all the hiccups with the earlier arrangements, things went well on the day and I must say their silat and qasidah was really well performed. We managed to work around the restrictions, and did the silat + kompang outside the entrance of the mosque.


Well, I’d still recommend them, if you don’t mind the delay in replies (my husband’s sis decided to get them, and she’s also facing the same issue). They are good despite not being that established yet, and I can see that they have been getting lots of bookings. I’m also grateful that they were willing to accommodate to my budget – so thank you Braders Kompang. 🙂

Updated: I understand that Braders Kompang has now some management issues and people are not getting responses after placing deposits. According to their FB page comments, some police reports have been lodged. I’d caution against engaging them first and take a wait and see approach. 

Masjid Ar-Raudhah

Finding a wedding venue that meets your criteria is seriously hard in Singapore. But I’m really glad that I decided to hold it at Dewan Yam at Masjid Ar-Raudhah. Both of us were keen on holding a function at a mosque, since its a blessed place.

However only a few mosques offer spaces for large crowds. And out of these we shortlisted Ar-Raudhah. Masjid Mawaddah and An-Nadhah doesn’t have air-con for guests. Masjid Mujahidin’s function hall has a pillar right smack in front of the stage and no washing area.


We picked Ar-Raudhah despite Bukit Batok being far for both of us as it met most of our criteria. However its relatively accessible as there’s a bus from Bukit Batok MRT 3 stops away. There’s also a large multi-storey carpark nearby for guests who are driving. Once you reach the main entrance of the mosque, the hall entrance is literally right in front. In case non Muslim guests don’t follow the modest dress code, they won’t have to walk around the mosque showing their aurat lol.


The cost of rental is listed here. We paid $2000 inclusive of set-up, which is comparable to a CC price. Don’t mind paying this amount as hopefully it would be channeled into funds for the masjid’s dakwah.


One of the largest masjid in Singapore I believe. The hall was large enough for 20 tables and everyone was comfortable because they were able to find seats easily. Reason being, there’s another space just outside for the reception line, which is a huge space saver.

Customer Service

The main ops guy is friendly enough and responsive. But they are quite strict so they will feedback to you immediately if there’s any issues which they feel is disruptive. The ops assistant however, is another issue.. don’t want to elaborate further here.


The hall has no pillars blocking. However it has a blue carpet, which is something to consider when deciding the overall decor. Outside of the hall, there’s plenty of spaces that are good for wedding shots because the mosque has 4 storeys and the architecture is nice. There’s always a corner that makes for interesting photo angles.


The overall facilities were good. Toilets was always well-maintained unlike some nasty toilets in CCs. Temperature in the hall was just right. And off course, plenty of prayer areas.

The only issue I had is the changing room, which is that room on the left hand of the photo. It was a small space and pretty dim, although its adequate enough for storage and changing. It’s not connected to any toilet, so I had to run across the hall to the door so that I could go take wudhu for zohor. So unglam as I was running with a bare face and hoping that I wouldn’t bump into guests hahaha.

masjid ar-raudhah


Off course, there’s restrictions. No kompang music is allowed. So we started the walk-in from the road, and the kompang followed us till the entrance of the mosque where we sat on chairs and watched the silat. Then when we walked in to the hall, the DJ played gamelan music with kompang sounds, after which we sat on the pelamin and listened to the nasyid.

Secondly, we are not allowed to tape things to the wall or affect the ceiling structure in any way, so if you are gunning for an elaborate decor ala SID or Jentayu, this wouldn’t work.

There is a washing area, but no live-cooking is allowed, so need to rent the nearby void-deck.


Ultimately I totally had no regrets choosing this venue as I believe there was barakah gained from everyone’s blessing in a mosque. I definitely recommend it as the positive outweighs the negatives. Hope this review was useful, and feel free to shoot me any questions if you’re considering this venue!


Review: Budget Transport

This was one of the last few things I booked – wedding van! Combined wedding means no need to spend money on wedding car hehe. I nearly settled on Grab Shuttle but my berkat vendor Whipped Love did a shoutout for this provider. I made some enquriries and he was charging $55 for a 13 seater van (one-way) which was pretty affordable.

The van was spacious and was able to fit my make-up assistant, family and photographer. The morning driver was pleasant and came promptly. Alhamdulilah the literal road to nikah was smooth.

However I had to wait quite long for the van on the return trip as the evening driver mistakenly went to my place instead of the wedding venue where we were waiting.  Still he arrived eventually, and he was nice too. Despite the miscommunication on their end, I would recommend this for anyone looking for cheap transport. Payment was smooth too –  everything was done via bank transfer to the boss, Hardy. You can find him on Carousell under @budgettransport

With Raya season looming, I am tempted to take him again for a JB shopping trip, which he does offer as well!

Review: 4S Catering

Previously I blogged about how I was keen to engage Doulath because I thought they were value for money. Well as all BTBs know, plans flip a lot along the way macam roti prata. So in the end we engaged 4S Catering.


Its one of those old-timer companies who depend on word of mouth. And the towkay is.. my hubby’s uncle! Engaging a family member has its pros and cons – you can be assured that they won’t shortchange you, but any issues and it will get pretty awkward. Luckily there was minimal issues.

The menu was as follows:

Nasi jagung, daging kicap, ayam masak merah, dalca sayur, paceri nanas, sambal goreng paru, sweet & sour fish, rojak petis, mee hoon goreng, soto, lontong, pulut hitam, pisang goreng, malay kueh and fruits.



Stole these photos from my guests. Hehe even the food signages were the old-school print on MS Word type.

Alhamdulilah, there were really good reviews especially on how refreshing and light it was to eat nasi jagung instead of briyani. Soto Rohanah was made by my hubby’s auntie, and was very popular too. I think when something is made with love, your tastebuds can tell. So must be teliti when cooking for our hubbies.

Initially I was worried that desserts were not enough as I didn’t engage those candy/ice-cream/churros/waffles providers. But the kueh was sufficient. I am forever grateful to Cik Su for being so generous, and also ensuring that his kendarat service was professional.


Honestly though, what I love from 4S Catering is the teh tarik! Its just so full bodied and not sweet. I think they use tea leaves instead of the usual Lipton bag!

I think the good reviews for the catering really made me and my mum happy, because our priority was to ensure people were happily fed. I didn’t manage to eat at the majlis but I had their nasi bungkus for many days and it didn’t feel jelak at all.

If any BTB is still looking for a caterer and wants to try their cooking, ask your other halves to go to Masjid Jamek at Queenstown where Cik Su will cook a spread before Friday prayers. You simply can’t go wrong with years of experience. 🙂

A ++++ !

Review: Wedding Cakes by Salwah Omar

I left the cake ordering to the last minute, as I also wasn’t sure if I wanted one – but I admit it added to the decor, especially if you coordinate the colors. Kak Salwah was my choice after I asked for help in one of my posts. I really liked her past works, and she was within my budget too.

In general, the budget conscious brides can try home bakers, as their costs tend to be lower as they won’t have to pass their overhead expenses to you.  Fondant is more expensive and not as tasty as cream, but I feel that the finished look gives a more elegant look. So I ordered a two-tier cake fondant cake from her, and requested for a lilac number to match the decor.


I’m happy with how it turned out – and I think two tier is just nice as we were able to give out the cake to relatives present. The flavours we chose were chocolate salted caramel and raspberry ivoire. So delicious and the sweetness level was just right.

Tip: Don’t wait too long to give out the cake. After cake-cutting, just inform your orang kuat to start giving them out already. Have tapao containers ready under the table so you can distribute everything.

Kak Salwah does baking classes too. I’m keen to sign up for one of them!