“I am now a married woman”

Still find it surreal after years of spending my 20s in singlehood. But Alhamdulilah all went mostly well on Sunday!!

Thanks to all BTBs and already-brides in this network who provided much needed recommendations and support. It was a big help towards making me a married woman hahahaha!

I’m not ready to give up this space yet after one year of planning.. will give detailed reviews to pay it forward to other BTBs, who are undergoing the same challenges.

Some key take-aways:

  1. You will feel super blessed at all the love being showered upon you
  2. Family support is very important
  3. Choose your vendors properly, the most important being food.. you keep your guests’ stomachs happy – they won’t care about anything else seriously
  4. Tell all your friends the specific times you are coming out, so they won’t leave without a photo
  5. If you have a wedding hashtag, make sure you plaster it all over your onsite posters and tags so that it will be used loads
  6. Most importantly, do your best to pray to Allah, no matter how tight the schedule is, even if you have to re-do your makeup. It is He who makes all things possible.

Let me settle down first, and I’ll be back with my reviews!

Less than 48 hours to go

I am feeling really really jittery, and blogging here has always calmed me down. Most of the vendor’s are more or less settled, just need to coordinate and finalise with them.

Satin bouquet is here and my henna is done. I’ve used the good old minyak kapak to try and get a more darker stain. Will update everyone if this actually works. Will also be printing a last-minute welcome poster tomorrow morning, before heading down to the venue and ensuring all okay with the catering and decor. Berkats and dulangs will be delivered straight at the venue too.

Not sure what to pack along also though – change of clothes and shoes? Medicine? Umbrella? Water? It rained in the afternoon at 2 just now, the time I am supposed to walk in with the kompang on Sunday. Hope the weather is in my favour, or else we would all be marching in the rain – actually that would make quite a cool video shot haha.

I’ve been having like all these last minute thoughts – why on earth didn’t I get a photobooth or a live station to make my guests happier. But I need to step back and always remember what marriage is really all about.

Because.. years down the road, when we’ve had children, endured quarrels and experience the ups and downs of life, we’ll realise that the day itself wasn’t actually all that important at all. 


“I’ll be getting married next Sunday”

Sounds very surreal when I say that. Its not even sunk in as its been an insane week at work and I’ve not had time to fully register that I’ll be a wife soon!

Was so happy to finally relax at yesterday’s facial session. Love how Norfasarie’s spa doesn’t hardsell packages so I can fully relax even while they extract my clogged pores. Am going back in a few more days to do their scrub.

Tomorrow is final fitting and hopefully cutting back on carbs and sugar have paid off a bit. If not, hopefully the bodyshaper and dark colors can do some magic. 😀

A couple more of loose ends to tie up – do up the family list, (finally) decide on cake-cutting song and henna design and send the programme to the relevant people.

Have been clearing my room, and discovered some very nice kains which I totally forgot I bought so cheaply during my Vietnam-Laos trip. Its too late to tailor anything for the wedding now but Raya is coming up, so it would be nice to have something customised for my first Raya as a married woman.


Just taking everything one day at a time now, and hope everything falls into place insyaAllah.

Its Crunch Time

About 3 weeks left, and being the last minute person I am naturally lots of things haven’t been settled. Been so busy at work that I have not even finished inviting my colleagues uh ohhh.

Mas kahwin finally chosen – bargained for a ring at my fave place, Joo chiat complex hahaha. Need to buy one more item for the dulang, finalise song list and cake/bouquet design.

Final fitting soon and I have no corset or girdle. Looked around and they are all 2 piece now? And so freaking ex esp the Triumph brand!

Anyone got lobangs for cheap bodyshapers? 😡

Kisah pasal kad

So I went to collect my wedding card over the weekend. Its very pretty, with hot-stamping and value for money for the price.

BUT the process was so painful.

All the horror stories you’ve heard about JB card vendors? Yup they’re true, because I’m one of those who kena. And people who’ve done it in JB also agreed with me on the bad service. But I still took the risk since I still had some time to go and this was supposedly a reputable vendor.

Timeline of Horror

Early Jan – went to change the quantity for the order and my design to a more fancy and bigger one. They promised 2 weeks for the first draft to be sent.

Mid Jan – no sound, no picture. Emailed the owner and whatsapped the person we were supposed to be liaising with. No response.

Early Feb – We couldn’t take it anymore and scolded the boss in an email because being nice in such cases won’t get you anywhere.

Excerpt:  Kalau dah janji tu, tolong memenuhi perjanjian itu. Saya pon sekarang dah mula mempersoalkan integriti dan professionalisme syarikat J.

The boss didn’t reply obviously. But the liaison person soon msged my fiance that the outside cover was done. Seriously the outside cover design is a simple template, and anyone of us here can do it if we had the artwork file – just need to change to our initials. As if we don’t know that they finally started working on it and sent it to us as an interim measure to pacify us while they buy time to do what they should have done weeks ago!

So the entire week was spent liaising with them finally sending the first draft through WA, and then it was not perfect off course. They sent a really small image, and hard to read the words. Spelt the future MiL’s name wrongly, and typed ‘Alright at bus -stop..’, instead of ‘Alight’. Seriously I know English is not their first language, but if their job is doing map design and directions, this should be a no-brainer. -_-

To cut it short, we went back and forth before proceeding with the 4th draft. I had given them my own map design to use (because Street Directory map doesn’t go with the card design) and I pointed out to them it was upside down. They said they would rectify it before printing. But when we collected it, it wasn’t and still upside down. Luckily its not a 2 sided card, but a folded one with inlay that flips upwards, so its still not so bad. Anyways, no time to scold them and reprint again so just have to roll with it.

Knowing what I went through, would I still have gone to JB to do the cards? I’m in 2 minds, because the quality of the cards is really good with the textured paper and hotstamping. It’s much cheaper than the simple 2 sided card quotes that I obtained locally. But their service standards.. *sigh*

So advice to those who wanna do cards in JB?

  1. Give firm deadlines and call up instead of just communicating electronically. Get them to commit to delivering by a fixed date.
  2. Prepare and send out simple save the date design that you can WA to all your friends and relatives, 3 months before the date (in case the cards are delivered late)
  3. Have loads of patience and tawakkal

On a more positive note, the white rose with bling bedsheet set I was eyeing the last time I went to the department store at Angsana was on sale, so I managed to grab it at a reasonable price. Bridal room preps are complete!

Procrastination sets in

As per blog title. The more it gets nearer to 16 April, the more lazy I feel. Wish I could skip this whole final last lap and just time travel to the big day.

This week has been rather productive though – took leave for outfit selection at NZ. Lina, NZ’s sister took charge of this, and I like interacting with her. The process was very structured which I like – no point having the freedom to dig through the entire collection and finding out you can’t fit that dress.

Step 1 – So what they did was to measure us, and then they helped to shortlist a rack of potential clothes from there. Because of the GTB’s stocky and broad body size, my choices became more limited because there were some male matching outfits he couldn’t possibly fit in >_< He was just able to fit into their largest suit, but it was a risk we didn’t want to take. Hence both of his outfits will be traditional Malay. We are fine with this since he was able to wear a suit already for our pre-wedding shots.

Step 2 – Tell your preferences. I stated don’t bother taking white out for nikah. So I was provided a few choices, and I chose a dark color which definitely will give the illusion of making one look slimmer. The second songket piece was tougher. It was a close fight between 2 colors, but the more royal looking one won, since the intention was to pop on the pelamin and create a more dramatic effect during the walk-in.

We took about 2 hrs to choose 2 outfits. Quite glad that the ones i picked were non-designer, so that I didn’t need to top up more $. Now we have 5 weeks to lose the kilos until the final fitting.

One observation that I made was that lots of baju nikahs now look like baju raya, with the modern clean lines and sleek cutting. Partly because baju raya is getting more glam, so a baju nikah can easily be bought off the shelf. Thus during outfit selection, it would be good to pick pieces that would be impractical for daily use (especially if we are renting), because we are paying to dress like royals for a day. :p

And last night, we met up with the entertainment folks. Kak L was so awesome to talk to, and gave great advice on my itinerary which I should be amending now (but lazy). I sat next to her while she played several songs which she thought would be good, considering my venue is a masjid.

Tomorrow I am finally picking up my invite cards from JB. This deserves a post all on its own – I shall see how it turns out. The positive outcome of the cards being delayed is that the ringgit fell even further this week, so the cost of the cards is even cheaper than if I had collected earlier.

Next task: Buy hantaran gifts

Choosing a wedding outfit

Next week is outfit selection!

Does anyone have a dress guide for Malay weddings? Hahaha..all those dress right for your body type articles are only applicable for Western gowns.

Also is there any unspoken rules, like wear only white/cream/pastel type of outfits for nikah? Did anyone choose a bold color for nikah? The lighter colored dresses are “high-fat” and I am concerned because my weight gain has been quite rapid (metabolism very slow after you hit your 30s).

I would really like to choose a dress from Nurita Harith but I’m sure my fat rolls will appear in the strategic spots.  -_-

I’m definitely taking a bold color for the 2nd outfit, but has anyone taken darker hue colors for nikah?

Any tips for outfit selection would be really helpful!