“I’ll be getting married next Sunday”

Sounds very surreal when I say that. Its not even sunk in as its been an insane week at work and I’ve not had time to fully register that I’ll be a wife soon!

Was so happy to finally relax at yesterday’s facial session. Love how Norfasarie’s spa doesn’t hardsell packages so I can fully relax even while they extract my clogged pores. Am going back in a few more days to do their scrub.

Tomorrow is final fitting and hopefully cutting back on carbs and sugar have paid off a bit. If not, hopefully the bodyshaper and dark colors can do some magic. πŸ˜€

A couple more of loose ends to tie up – do up the family list, (finally) decide on cake-cutting song and henna design and send the programme to the relevant people.

Have been clearing my room, and discovered some very nice kains which I totally forgot I bought so cheaply during my Vietnam-Laos trip. Its too late to tailor anything for the wedding now but Raya is coming up, so it would be nice to have something customised for my first Raya as a married woman.


Just taking everything one day at a time now, and hope everything falls into place insyaAllah.



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