Its Crunch Time

About 3 weeks left, and being the last minute person I am naturally lots of things haven’t been settled. Been so busy at work that I have not even finished inviting my colleagues uh ohhh.

Mas kahwin finally chosen – bargained for a ring at my fave place, Joo chiat complex hahaha. Need to buy one more item for the dulang, finalise song list and cake/bouquet design.

Final fitting soon and I have no corset or girdle. Looked around and they are all 2 piece now? And so freaking ex esp the Triumph brand!

Anyone got lobangs for cheap bodyshapers? 😡



  1. You might want to check out shopee or qoo10 for cheaper body shapers. If you still want to go for triumph, maybe can check out the “factory outlet” at changi city point cos its slightly cheaper there. I got mine there, tapi menyesal sikit cos even their smallest size is not tight enough for me lol. For the bottoms, I feel that uniqlo’s seamless body shaper works fine. But before buying, do check with your MUA if she has any particular body shaper recommendations. Some ex-BTBs told me this because when they went for fitting, their MUA told them that they got the wrong type of body shaper.


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