Kisah pasal kad

So I went to collect my wedding card over the weekend. Its very pretty, with hot-stamping and value for money for the price.

BUT the process was so painful.

All the horror stories you’ve heard about JB card vendors? Yup they’re true, because I’m one of those who kena. And people who’ve done it in JB also agreed with me on the bad service. But I still took the risk since I still had some time to go and this was supposedly a reputable vendor.

Timeline of Horror

Early Jan – went to change the quantity for the order and my design to a more fancy and bigger one. They promised 2 weeks for the first draft to be sent.

Mid Jan – no sound, no picture. Emailed the owner and whatsapped the person we were supposed to be liaising with. No response.

Early Feb – We couldn’t take it anymore and scolded the boss in an email because being nice in such cases won’t get you anywhere.

Excerpt:  Kalau dah janji tu, tolong memenuhi perjanjian itu. Saya pon sekarang dah mula mempersoalkan integriti dan professionalisme syarikat J.

The boss didn’t reply obviously. But the liaison person soon msged my fiance that the outside cover was done. Seriously the outside cover design is a simple template, and anyone of us here can do it if we had the artwork file – just need to change to our initials. As if we don’t know that they finally started working on it and sent it to us as an interim measure to pacify us while they buy time to do what they should have done weeks ago!

So the entire week was spent liaising with them finally sending the first draft through WA, and then it was not perfect off course. They sent a really small image, and hard to read the words. Spelt the future MiL’s name wrongly, and typed ‘Alright at bus -stop..’, instead of ‘Alight’. Seriously I know English is not their first language, but if their job is doing map design and directions, this should be a no-brainer. -_-

To cut it short, we went back and forth before proceeding with the 4th draft. I had given them my own map design to use (because Street Directory map doesn’t go with the card design) and I pointed out to them it was upside down. They said they would rectify it before printing. But when we collected it, it wasn’t and still upside down. Luckily its not a 2 sided card, but a folded one with inlay that flips upwards, so its still not so bad. Anyways, no time to scold them and reprint again so just have to roll with it.

Knowing what I went through, would I still have gone to JB to do the cards? I’m in 2 minds, because the quality of the cards is really good with the textured paper and hotstamping. It’s much cheaper than the simple 2 sided card quotes that I obtained locally. But their service standards.. *sigh*

So advice to those who wanna do cards in JB?

  1. Give firm deadlines and call up instead of just communicating electronically. Get them to commit to delivering by a fixed date.
  2. Prepare and send out simple save the date design that you can WA to all your friends and relatives, 3 months before the date (in case the cards are delivered late)
  3. Have loads of patience and tawakkal

On a more positive note, the white rose with bling bedsheet set I was eyeing the last time I went to the department store at Angsana was on sale, so I managed to grab it at a reasonable price. Bridal room preps are complete!


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