Procrastination sets in

As per blog title. The more it gets nearer to 16 April, the more lazy I feel. Wish I could skip this whole final last lap and just time travel to the big day.

This week has been rather productive though – took leave for outfit selection at NZ. Lina, NZ’s sister took charge of this, and I like interacting with her. The process was very structured which I like – no point having the freedom to dig through the entire collection and finding out you can’t fit that dress.

Step 1 – So what they did was to measure us, and then they helped to shortlist a rack of potential clothes from there. Because of the GTB’s stocky and broad body size, my choices became more limited because there were some male matching outfits he couldn’t possibly fit in >_< He was just able to fit into their largest suit, but it was a risk we didn’t want to take. Hence both of his outfits will be traditional Malay. We are fine with this since he was able to wear a suit already for our pre-wedding shots.

Step 2 – Tell your preferences. I stated don’t bother taking white out for nikah. So I was provided a few choices, and I chose a dark color which definitely will give the illusion of making one look slimmer. The second songket piece was tougher. It was a close fight between 2 colors, but the more royal looking one won, since the intention was to pop on the pelamin and create a more dramatic effect during the walk-in.

We took about 2 hrs to choose 2 outfits. Quite glad that the ones i picked were non-designer, so that I didn’t need to top up more $. Now we have 5 weeks to lose the kilos until the final fitting.

One observation that I made was that lots of baju nikahs now look like baju raya, with the modern clean lines and sleek cutting. Partly because baju raya is getting more glam, so a baju nikah can easily be bought off the shelf. Thus during outfit selection, it would be good to pick pieces that would be impractical for daily use (especially if we are renting), because we are paying to dress like royals for a day. :p

And last night, we met up with the entertainment folks. Kak L was so awesome to talk to, and gave great advice on my itinerary which I should be amending now (but lazy). I sat next to her while she played several songs which she thought would be good, considering my venue is a masjid.

Tomorrow I am finally picking up my invite cards from JB. This deserves a post all on its own – I shall see how it turns out. The positive outcome of the cards being delayed is that the ringgit fell even further this week, so the cost of the cards is even cheaper than if I had collected earlier.

Next task: Buy hantaran gifts


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