Choosing a wedding outfit

Next week is outfit selection!

Does anyone have a dress guide for Malay weddings? Hahaha..all those dress right for your body type articles are only applicable for Western gowns.

Also is there any unspoken rules, like wear only white/cream/pastel type of outfits for nikah? Did anyone choose a bold color for nikah? The lighter colored dresses are “high-fat” and I am concerned because my weight gain has been quite rapid (metabolism very slow after you hit your 30s).

I would really like to choose a dress from Nurita Harith but I’m sure my fat rolls will appear in the strategic spots. Β -_-

I’m definitely taking a bold color for the 2nd outfit, but has anyone taken darker hue colors for nikah?

Any tips for outfit selection would be really helpful!




  1. I think most of the nikah outfits I’ve seen are white, nude or pastel shades. The most “bold” I’ve seen is turquoise or silver/grey? I don’t know if this is an unspoken rule in our culture, but what I heard from non-Muslim friends is that they wear white to symbolise their “purity”, like melambangkan keayuan, kesucian gittew… Although personally I wont be wearing white cos I think it washes me out, so highly likely I will choose a very, very light shade of brown-nude for nikah. I think it’s really up to you what you prefer πŸ™‚


  2. Hahaha no unspoken rule. My friend nikah wearing a sky blue dress. But white usually signifies purity. So thats why i guess. I am planning to get a darker hue songket. A navy blue gold combo or an emerald green one. I just feel i look good in darker colors. But all and all its all up to you. They say you need to try it on before knowing if its ‘The Dress’. ‘The Dress’ = mood booster = confidence = strut your styleee baybeeeeh! All the best! ❀


      1. No la. Nikah im sticking to white. White songket since i plan to use it for Raya. Hehe. For then i’ll pick a darker hue. Cos my theme’s base color will be white. And i do want to stand out. Heh heh heh.


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