Candy corner

I followed my mum to a wedding just now, and the organiser was RS Mutiara. I thought it was all very professionally done, but then people at our table started commenting on this and that, especially when there was a power trip and the ice-cream started melting.

Important takeaway of the day – no matter how lovely a wedding is, people will nitpick and there will be things that go beyond your control. Most importantly, we shouldn’t let these things get to us and be happy that we have finally married our best friend. We can’t please everyone, so let’s just let go of the negative (easier said than done). Two things that always give me good vibes- praying to Him and going for a run.

InsyaAllah things will balance itself out. Its been a good few days – both my unresponsive vendors have finally gotten back to me, and I feel more secure that things are as they should be.

The other outcome from today’s wedding is that my mum found the mama-shop candy corner very cute and asked if we could explore this. My caterer is only having a few Malay kuehs so I am definitely open to exploring some sort of ang-moh or retro desert bar. Anyone have any recommendations? Open to any unconventional ideas too!



  1. There is icebatu malaysia (i forgot the IG name) hahaha. And my cousins loved working with the uncle icecream $1 tu. A few of my cousins booked them. Provided theyre available and theyre fast selling also. Once icecream finish the apek will pack and leave.


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