Decor done

I love pro-active vendors who chase after me. Seriously.. they ensure you’re on track for everything.

I just settled a meeting with my decor vendor, and decided on the color scheme. There’s quite a few things to consider, as my venue’s wall is dark brown and lightly blue carpeted. My design requirements:

  • No themes eg. rustic/kampong etc. Just a simple design with timeless colors which will still be in trend 20 years later
  • Pastel shades.. so can select bold baju colors
  • Simple drapes with minimal scallops on the pelamin backdrop
  • Fairy lights, so I can take advantage of the venue’s dark brown wall

I was just staring at the varieties of the kain and thinking how to piece all the colors together so they match, as I’m not a visual person to begin with. So many things to look out for:

Couple table to match with the couple table
Guest table color to not clash with the carpet
Parents table – groom and bride color to be complementary, and this will have an impact on the dress code of the families
Wedding arch – to take the traditional one with flowers? Or with just langsir? Pengantin carpet and aisle carpet colour?

Got to take a step back to visualise the big picture. So glad I had my sister who’s got a good design eye to give her input, because frankly my tunang is all like whatever, as guys tend to be. I trust my vendor’s recommendations also because I love her works and how she doesn’t copy and paste her clients design. She gave some great practical advice also.. We’re going to cable tie my money box (I found a nice cheap design in JB!) to the table to prevent any thefts.

So decor is 80% settled for now. It really helps to sort this out first, because this will impact the other color elements.

Thanks to everyone who gave me their recommendations for the wedding cakes! So far, most have not responded (booo!). How long do you all wait eh, before giving up?

I must repeat again – I really love pro-active vendors! Those that I dah deposit, yang tak reply to even give an invoice is really… *i don’t know what to say*

Oh update Facebook page boleh, bagi invoice tak leh.. really ah, make people lose faith only. 

To you, its just another wedding. But to us, its our one and everything.


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