Videography in motion

And so a year after deliberating whether to have videography or not, I caved in. At first I wanted to see if we had enough budget, but as the months went by I knew I could not go without video documentation.

Yes I will definitely not watch and re-watch the video beyond the wedding, same for photos but it would be good to have the option to take it out and see it again if I wanted to rather than relying on the memories in my head. Memories fade but video footage doesn’t lie hahaha.

I’d had a few vendors in mind, but the one I always gravitated to was Merah in Motion. There’s just this timeless quality to their edits that I’ve always been drawn to. Plus I prefer vendors that focus solely on their one area of expertise only. I’ve seen some unprofessional shooting – for example one that had a shot of the groom’s jamban when they were filming him getting ready!

After looking at some of the video vendors at the Wedding Expo (scary place!!!) and not finding any better alternatives, I decided to go back to my first choice. Alhamdulilah for two things – since I enquired in 2016, I can still pay last year’s pricing, and they are still available! Was really lucky since they mentioned they are almost closing for 2017.

Paid the deposit and ran through the rough itinerary with the in-charge, Hidir who advised us on the sequence of the programme. We had a pretty interesting convo with him, and we feel at ease with him. Affirmed that we made the right choice. Bonus also that he knows my photog team.

I’m actually more excited about the video than the actual majlis – staying up late just to look for stock music lol. Going JB tomorrow over the long weekend to chill from all this wedding planning. So irritated with unresponsive vendors – dah bayar tapi don’t want to give invoice!

Ohh and if anyone can recommend their wedding cake baker to me, pleaseeee do so. Everyone I emailed doesn’t seem to want my business 😦



  1. Hey babe I’m getting my cake from Simplynuha maybe u can check out her ig and email her if ure interested. Her cakes are super sedap 😍


      1. Yes salwah Omar’s wedding cakes are sooo good. My brother and sil took her for both their sides. You can try cake vow too if you haven’t


  2. Yay we engaged the same videog! Loveee all their timelapse and aerial shots! And you can check out merakibyd. Wanted to have them but my caterer is sponsoring wedding cake lah pulak..


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