The Guestbook

Didn’t know if we wanted to DIY the guestbook as many people do, or just buy those ready-made sets.

So was thinking about it, then I remembered that I had purchased a Groupon from Photobook Singapore for $14.90 in Jan last year. Konon nak buat engagement photobook for memories. But then hangat-hangat tahi ayam happened, and I forgot about this project amongst all the other more important stuff.

So now I’ve decided to use the Groupon to make a wedding photobook cum guestbook. We already have the pre-wedding photoshoot album from Miosa, but am not using that to display on the reception table because its heavy and expensive. So I just plucked some of the more halal photos from our pre-wed photoshoot and did the photobook layout for the first half. The second half was left blank for guests to write on (but I don’t even mind if they scribble on the photo pages, since we already have our own official photo album).

When checking out I realised that the Groupon had expired, so I wrote in to request for an extension which they did out of goodwill. Thumbs up for their service team! The order process was all very fast. I topped up to a better quality photo lustre paper, so its easier to write on with a marker. With DHL shipping, I paid around $30. They sent it after 3 days, and the quality is really good!

They are still running Groupons (although it looks like there’s a slight price increase).  The one I took is 8×8 square but there’s options for bigger size too. If you want to do a flat-lay, you can also top up more. This might have been the better option because my face is cut in the middle of the book for certain photos, and guests have to hold the page down to sign the book. But it was quite a significant top-up, and we didn’t want to pay a lot for something that plays a teeny role only in the entire majlis. We’re just happy to have sort-of customised our guestbook.

Next DIY project: money box!




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