How to save $$

What a BTB should not do when its near bed time: total up the remaining costs to pay vendors. I’m hitting $1x k and counting (have not paid anything to caterer yet). I don’t think I can sleep after this because of mixed feelings.

It took me years to build my savings war-chest, and to have some of my accumulated hard work used up.. is hard to swallow. Yet, we still want that dream wedding to signify the start of a beautiful life journey.

So it can be a hard financial road doing a majlis these days but we shall battle on!

In the meantime, thought I’d share some cost-saving lobangs which I’ve been using to make it easier on the pocket.

  1. Shopback

I freaking love this website – its so simple to use to get cashback. For instance, my recent Sarawak trip booked on got me $33 back. They have so many e-tailers now, that whatever wedding stuff you want to get online eg. decor items through Aliexpress or honeymoon though the airlines or hotel booking sites can garner you cashback. And you can get double savings when the site has a promo code eg. you route to Groupon through Shopback, and when you check out the item, you can enter Groupon’s discount code as well.

The only downside is the long waiting time because they need to make sure you did a legit transaction, but eventually the money does come in.

(Shameless self-referral #1: Click on my referal link and we both get $5 when you make your first purchase)

2. SingPromos

Subscribe to their daily mailing list. They cover loads of deals locally. Currently looking for a tilam now, and the mailer says there’s a Seahorse mattress sale.

3. Uber/Grab

Lately Uber hasn’t been having much promo codes but Grab has been rather aggressive. The latest one was the spend on one Grab ride to unlock 7 rides for $7 off. I used this for short distances less than $7, so the ride is free. I love using Grab in JB especially when running wedding errands, because they have many promo codes, and with the exchange rates most of the rides are free also.

4. YouGov

Take online surveys for research studies and get points for every one survey you complete. Get 5000 points and you can exchange for $25 for your Paypal account (can shop online!) or 2500 Air Asia Big points. I’ve been using it to get cheaper fares for Air Asia. Its pretty easy to hit 5000 points within a few months, as they send the survey invite quite frequently. I suspect its because not many Malays are registered with them, and they always need to hit their Malay quota statistically.

(Shameless self-referral #2: Click on my referal link and help me get points ;p)

5. National Steps Challenge

Registration has closed but can look out for the next round. Basically, the more steps you take the more points you earn. I have redeemed $15 worth of NTUC vouchers, but there’s an option for Capitaland vouchers also. Its not easy to clock the steps for the vouchers, but the thing is.. we’re going to walk anyway, so why not get vouchers while doing it?

BTBS, what other cost-savings do you use? Please share! 🙂





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