So yesterday, we went in JB to settle our kad jemputan. I previously blogged about getting a package from Kad Kahwin Cun but we made a mistake that day. We were a bit tired that day and made a noob mistake by ordering 1000 cards for 1000 people. Obviously none of us realised the correct amount is 500 cards instead.

20160925_123757.jpgMy previously chosen design – I liked how the paper had a nice grainy texture

So we went back to their shop at Larkin to amend the package. We scaled down to 400 pax instead because we had decided on a leaner guest list. Obviously with the drastic reduction of cards needed, the amount needed to pay them was much lesser than what I had been prepared to pay the first time. So I took the opportunity to upgrade my card to a larger size, with hotstamping and inlay. Something like what zzanny shared in her blog. With the very good exchange rate, it all worked out to 55 cents/piece.

We would have been out there earlier if not for another noob mistake – we didn’t prepare the directions for how to get to the majlis venue. So there we were in the shop feeling hot (banyak shops there don’t turn on their air-con) and googling away for public transport directions. Anyway we settled the information required, and the designer will get in touch in another 2 weeks, so hopefully that first draft now is not something that needs major changes.

Anyway they also do berkat – a jar of honey with tags and ribbon can be as cheap as 80 cents per piece. I am seriously considering this.. but I’ve no car, so can be leceh to bring across customs.

But am definitely going to make more trips to JB. The train is a much better way to travel to avoid the jams, and its so much easier to get around there now with Grab/Uber. With the frequent promo codes they have there, the rides are sometimes free!

To-do list, 97 days out.

  1. Coordinate with  caterer, decor and draw floor plan with set-up
  2. Settle invite card design
  3. Buy berkat
  4. Place order for wedding cake
  5. Source for cheap videographer
  6. Settle wallpaper, mattress and bridal bedsheet
  7. Book wedding transport
  8. Decide on mini-moon venue
  9. Wedding bouquet theme

Wedding expo this week! Don’t mind popping down to see if there’s any value for money videography packages!


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