Kompang Rates

Another thing I am considering is whether to have kompang! Have always loved the debaran of the kompang beats..makes the whole proceeding so lively! However, as my venue does not allow kompang inside, am still wondering if i shd still engage a group to do the escort and qasidah.

Does anyone know what are the market rates for kompang these days and how much budget did you set aside for your kompang?

Thanks!! Have a great weekend everyone!






  1. The last time I enquired Akrab, it was about $600 for one way. My fiance ended up taking Braders Kompang for his side, about $500 for one way. I won’t have kompang for my side of the wedding, but i’m intending to get the DJ to play a song that has some kompang music in it. I’ve chosen the song ‘Kompang Dipalu’, although my partner feels that it’s a bit too kampong-ish hahaha.


      1. Oh okay cool, I’ll check in with Braders Kompang then! Looking at their FB page, they look quite good!

        Were there any reasons you didn’t end up taking kompang for your side in the end? Yah playing music for the walk-in is also another alternative.. I just listened to Kompang Dipalu on YouTube.. its so traditional and nice! Good choice!


      2. I didnt want kompang at all initially. Its nice and I love it, but its just very tak cost effective, spending hundreds just for like 15 mins show. So im not willing to fork out the cash. But my fiance thinks its too weird for the pengantin to make an entrance without kompang, so he dont mind paying.


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