Ephemeral Decor

Surveying the Malay wedding decor landscape was a bit challenging because like photography, its really very competitive. However despite the many players in the market, the costs are crazily expensive. I laughed my head off in shock when I got some quotes – can pay for a Europe trip lor.

So I was looking for a wallet-friendly option and settled on RS Wedding. Took their Ephemeral Package – you can see their costs here. I am going to top up a bit more to replace the artificial flowers on the pelamin, but will probably not go for their Crown Jewel package and upgrade to Tiffany chairs, because the budget can be spread out over more things.

Anyway I chose RS also because they have a creative eye – they fabricated a swing pelamin for a couple which looked really unique. If budget permits, insyaAllah I will ask them to construct a similar set-up as part of a photo-backdrop instead of hiring a photobooth vendor since the venue is large enough to accommodate this. I am also thinking of fairy lights because the venue has very strong brown colour for the walls.


However, as the venue carpet is blue,. I’ll have to choose the color theme very carefully to avoid any clashes. Everything depends on this – choice of baju, wedding bouquet, family’s color theme for attire etc etc.

To-do list.

  1. Go for marriage course => ROMM
  2. Finalise number of invitees: hopefully can keep the guest list small to 500 and print cards
  3. Decide on the budget for berkat based on the final invite list and go JB to buy
  4. Place order for wedding cake
  5. Decide if videography, kompang and henna is really needed
  6. Place order for dulang decor, sireh dara and bunga rampai
  7. Decide if I want to get ready at home, or book hotel room near venue
  8. Book wedding transport
  9. Decide on mini-moon venue

Yes I am very last-minute! 4.5 months to go!



  1. Oh how lovely! We would have loved to have had something like that but our combined weight would probably pull down the entire MPH hahahaha. So exciting to be able to see the details come together Kan!


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