ROMM Registration

Has been completed around the 150 day mark- we were a bit kiasu since we had decided on Ustaz Irwan Shah (tunang’s mum knows him personally).

Feel a bit bad that he has to rush from East to West pagi-pagi buta though!

Another thing about the ROMM registration.. why do they want to know so much details! Salary for what.. so students will put $o??

$0 is the amount I put in the hantaran part in the system, cos I’m a rebel like that and I don’t want a dollar value to be printed on the marriage cert. I was contemplating to put $1 just to make a statement, but that would have been pushing it. Mas kahwin I understand because its a  Muslim  hukum, but hantaran is a Malay adat leh.

Last I checked, ROMM is Registry of MUSLIM marriages, not MALAY. -_-

I am really okay with not getting a $ hantaran, but off course the mother insists otherwise so the tunang has said they will give this ‘unofficially’.

Wah piang, I could probably go on and on about this hantaran system but I will refrain.

I guess the next step after this is the ROMM interview then.




  1. Hi dear, I also had my ROMM recently and my hantaran will say NA. It was smth we decided on together and fortunately my parents are really liberal (while HIS Mother was surprised hahaha). I think recently an acquaintance asked if I was okay with having $0 on my cert and I let setan into my head and picked on it until he had to set me straight again. So not immune to all this bisikan setan!


    1. I totally agree with the bisikan setan, it gets louder the more the wedding date nears. I hears its because nikah is a good thing – it fulfils half your deen then setan just tries to disturb us more to dissuade us. Let’s stay strong to go against the norms and do what we feel is right! 🙂


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