Venue settled

This was giving me the most headache! Hopefully its all settled now since deposit has been paid.

When I first set out on the venue search, I had the following criteria in mind:

  • Cost – its okay and the final amount will be lesser than a CC
  • Accessibility – reasonable. There’s only 2 buses that go there, but its fairly near the estate’s MRT and interchange
  • Distance to home – its very far for both of us hahaha
  • Facilities – proper changing room is provided with toilets nearby. washing allowed. large carpark across the road
  • Space – fairly large space with a capacity for 20 tables
  • Comfort – ada AIR CON
  • Restrictions – cannot cook and no kompang playing inside
  • Security – lower risk than CC because it won’t be taken away should there be Presidential Elections next year (which must happen by August 2017) or a by-election if your MP gatal and go have an affair
  • Aesthetics – no pillar and no lines on the floor

So.. the chosen venue is Dewan Yam at Masjid Ar-Raudhah! After considering all our choices, we felt that this was the most feasible location. Sure, Bukit Batok is nowhere near my neighbourhood but I like that it fulfills my  original desire to nikah at a mosque. Plus decor + caterer have done majlis there before, so they should be familiar with the requirements.

Alhamdulilah one big load off my shoulder.

Going to JB tomorrow to select my pre-wedding photos. 🙂



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