Wedding Transport

Hi its me again the clueless BTB with loads of random questions.

This time its about wedding transport. For those of you doing combined weddings but have to drive to the venue, what is the vehicle of choice?

My other half has his own family car which he will probably use. But I dont, so am wondering if hiring a minivan with a driver to carry the photog/videog/family members/dulangs is the most practical. And for such cases, is there even a need to decorate the vehicle?

Also how many hours are required? Whole day so that we can use it to bring back the logistics? Seems wasteful though as it won’t be used the entire day.

The questions that are keeping me up at night is endless.



  1. Hi babe.. for me same situation, mode of transport is van.. however mine was sponsored by my bridesmaid.. but tt is not our ‘wedding car’ we just using it to go to the reception venue in the morning and also for our outdoor photoshoot.. u can do tt too but dont rent the whole day kind.. rent the one charge by trip.. so u can rent for 2 trips.. decorations wise.. tak perlu i think.. 😊


    1. Thanks babe! So you will have 3 trips correct? Home–> venue –> outdoor photoshoot –> home?

      Ya I was thinking van also need to deco tak.. so no need ah? Extra cost only. ;p


      1. Yea 3 trips but me after majlis i will be staying at MIL place trus..
        HOME -> VENUE

        My parents balik with either my cousins or bridesmaid or kite sendiri anta them balik..

        No need la decor.. save ur money babe.. hahaha


  2. My parents are renting a minivan, about 20+ seater. This will be for my family, a few relatives, photographer/videographer, bridesmaids, dulangs, bunga rampai, bunga pahar and other miscellaneous items. We are renting for two trips aje, not whole day. So one trip in the morning, and one in the evening, to bawak balek all the barang2 as well.
    But my berkats will be sent to the venue on the eve of the majlis, and will be left there overnight. We choose to do this because there are a lot of boxes and we want to spread out the errands sikit jadi tak kelam kabut on the day itself. So for the berkat transportation, it’s another separate arrangement. I think one of my pakcik who drives a lorry will be doing the favour for us.
    Decorations definitely not needed haha.


    1. Sounds like a nice arrangement! Definitely agree with how you’re doing it especially because the berkats can be so large and bulky. Now I just need to decide on the size of the van… friend of mine had to hire a coach in the end because simply too much things hahaha.

      Decor not needed because its not really like a traditional wedding vehicle with your other half right? Its more for just transportation of logistics? ;p


      1. My nikah and sanding for my side are on the same day. Our outdoor photoshoot will be a short one at a nearby location right after nikah. So after photoshoot terus salin to sanding outfit. 🙂


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