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Hi peeps,

In my worry for venue search (still not settled!), I’ve been neglecting the other smaller things. If you are outsourcing your dulangs, can please share your vendors with me? Prefably also that can craft bunga rampai/bunga telur/sirehs.

Also how to decide on the number of dulangs to exchange? Just randomly agree on whatever number?

Thanks guys! โค




    1. Thanks babe! Just saw their FB – they have a wedding showcase this weekend at a void deck in Tampines. Maybe I’ll go check it out! They also buat a lot of things I haven’t booked.. like henna and cake..

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  1. How to decide number of dulangs to exchange? – For us, we randomly agreed on how many we want. We don’t see that it’s necessary to have so many. So, we decided on 4 from bride and 3 from groom.


  2. Dulang wise, i try to follow traditions la. Odd numbers & girls giving more dulangs. For me, it’ll be me to abang = 7 dulang, abang to me = 5 dulang. Nothing more. But we do set a budget on how much we can only spend for the gifts, like 2k for example. Doesnt mean i have to give more my budget is more. Haha no.

    Ola lola is nice too and so is gubahan cinta @ IG. Cherriesmitten does dulangs too.


  3. For the number of dulangs, I picked randomly too. I am exchanging 5 for both sides. Some people say it should be odd number, but I’m not so sure and I don’t really care haha. But my partner and I want to make it equal. You may want to anticipate your parents or his parents wanting to contribute some things for the dulang at the last minute even though you already tell them in advance the items you are planning to get. My makcik2 have a habit of contributing additional cakes and decorative puddings and stuff on the wedding day itself, for my cousins’ weddings till the total gifts for our side doubles the other party. I don’t expect them to contribute for mine, but if they do, then tawakkal je lah. Kalau reject, nanti orang kecik hati pulak.


    1. 5-5 is a good combination for dulangs! Haha yah, maybe should anticipate to make more dulangs too! Do all 10 dulangs have to be the same theme? Or are you all getting separate vendors? And is your mahr on one of the dulangs too?


      1. Nope, mine and his are different themes. His dulangs are included in his package, while my makcik is doing mine for me. I dont think i’ve seen anyone doing all 10 dulangs having the same theme but it sounds interesting. Yup, the mahr and hantaran are together in one dulang. Then the rest are regular gifts like sejadah, baju, wedding rings etc.


      2. Oohh this is very helpful info haha. So you don’t have to align your dulang theme to his right? Or maybe sync the dulang themes to your decor colors?


      3. I know some brides want the dulang to match their decor colour, but mine will all be different colours. I prefer to not have everything the same. About aligning the theme tu, I think its meant to be different cos memang supposed to exchange gifts between two different parties? Also, some parents very particular and want to have a say at how they want their son/daughter’s dulang to look like. In that case, then it might be better to have separate themes as well.


      4. Ok thanks, this makes things more clearer! Sorry for the many questions, but I just have 2 more:

        1) Your dulang items for your GTB was chosen together? Or you just chose yourself what you think he’d like – like a surprise birthday present?

        2) What’s the process of exchanging dulangs like? Each side just bring to the venue and pass to the other side?


      5. 1) All our dulang items are chosen together, except for one. Cos his mum recently only mentioned that she wants to get me 2 gifts (I dont know yet what is it), but we told her we can only give her one dulang since initially we had all 10 dulangs planned out. We choose to decide everything together cos we want to buy only what is necessary and practical.
        2) Ya, each side will bring to the venue. Im not sure whether the exchange happens before or after nikah, though. Or maybe everyone just lay out all the dulangs neatly then bila nak balek baru collect masing2 punya exchanged dulangs.
        No problems for the questions babe. I know how it feels like to be quite clueless about certain wedding stuff, so just ask more k. โ˜บ


  4. You can check out Divanistaa on IG. I think she has one of the cheapest dulang rates around. ๐Ÿ˜€ Very nice lady, so is Kak Aida of Sweetz Creation!


      1. Errm I think can combine yes! Like the / mahr and the cash/cheque in one dulang?

        I don’t think I would want to put the hantaran duit in a dulang leh, especially if its a lot of money!


      2. Yup for us we decided to just put on the dulang. I’ve seen cases of people putting the Wang hantaran on dulang but not the ring as well but I guess whatever works for u ๐Ÿ™‚


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