Venue woes Part 2

Venue issues never end sigh. Seriously its only in SG where a sizeable number of BTBs book all their other vendors before the single most important thing: venue. No location, no majlis. This kinda thing can lead to a lot of problems later. Like my colleague’s bro, who has confimed his CC venue only to have it taken away from him so close to the wedding because they wanted to renovate the hall. And he is scrambling to find another location but he’s already booked food and decor, and most venue providers available are those providing all in one packages.

Anyway what brought abt this angst is that its 6 mths to the wedding and we were 2nd in line for our chosen CC this morning. We were beaten by a pakcik and makcik who had probably stood there since subuh probably. Anyway the outcome will be know next week after their board meeting.

What got me really nervous is that the guy advised looking for at least 2 more alternate venues. He said next year is the president election so obviously priority will go to them. As an ex PA staff, I know that they may have gotten advance heads up on which period to standby for. This means all public spaces at CCs/grassroots club/void decks and Mphs that are polling centres run the risk of being taken away in 2017.

As both me and tunang have a low risk appetite, we will extend the search to masjids or private venue providers. So frustrating!



  1. Hey babe, I understand your frustrations! We were supposed to wait for Bedok CC to open their registration (4 months before wedding date). Turns out it clashes with some islandwide Edusave thing so not only is Bedok CC taken, so are most other CCs. Also, I generally find most CC staff very unhelpful when it comes to booking their halls (it feels like every CC we went to, they try to persuade you to NOT hold your wedding there). We’re getting the multi purpose hall near my place in the end. Good luck on your venue hunt and update on how it goes!!


    1. Agree with all your points! My application for Eunos CC got rejected so its back to square 1 haha. Yah I think MPH is a good choice.. near your place is always the best!


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