Taming your guest list

Trying to decide who to put on my invite list is like rocket science.

(I’m not even going to touch the parents’ guest list as BTBs clearly have no say in that. We can only try to remind them not to invite so many members)

For our own guest list, we can at least control and be more selective in who we want to approach. But I’m very soft-hearted in this aspect, which leads to more people being added on the list.

The should-I-should-I-not-invite categories of people:

  • Ex-schoolmates previously in your clique but have drifted apart (understandable since you know…adult responsibilities). Barely talk these days but once upon a time, you were so close and hung out together so much when all we had to worry was passing exams. They know who your first crush is when even your mother doesn’t
  • The ex-colleagues that were your source of support. Similar to the first category, they were the people you leaned on when the bosses were being mean, the workload got too much and clients were a pain. But when they/you left the job, this relationship is no longer based on the above. You meet them occasionally just to catch up, but things aren’t just the way it used to be.
  • Ex-bosses that actually made you grow when you were working. Now communication is just limited to social media comments, but they had such an impact in your career
  • People you are not really close to but got invited to their wedding for some reason. And you attended out of politeness. So now must invite back out of courtesy?
  • Ex-boyfriends that you are still on good terms with
  • Colleagues who you are kinda obligated to invite since you have worked at your place a long time and have formed some sort of bond (although they don’t belong to the support you type), and it would be awkward if you didn’t invite them

And it goes on.. I wish I can be ruthless and leave these people out, but there’s so much psychological factors to consider. Its complex when feelings of past bonds come into play, whether current relationships would be affected, not hurting people’s feelings..

How do BTBs decide who makes the final invite list, for the not so clear-cut cases?

Catering per head now very expensive leh.. =p



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