My pre-wedding photoshoot experience

So after months of procrastinating, we finally set Sept 27 as our photoshoot day with Miosa. We decided to take this as an opportunity to have a mini JB-caytion and brought my mum and sis along too. We booked KSL as it was near the studio and very convenient.

Preparations for GTB

  1. Cut and colour his strands of white hair with instant hair dye shampoo bought from Joo Chiat complex
  2. Went to Mustafa to buy black + white shirt, black pants (tip: look at the bargains first, there are some very good quality stuff there comparable to G2000) and smart looking, slippers that look like capal
  3. Polish work shoes
  4. Eat healthy

Total damage: less than $50

Preparations for BTB

  1. Bought shoes from Midas at City Plaza
  2. Facial at Spa by Norfasarie
  3. Beige + white inner
  4. Black and white serkup
  5. Eat healthy

Total damage: lots more than $50

Took the KTM train in on Sunday and we just spent the whole day relaxing at KSL and Angsana. Wanted to go Kilang Bateri but we didn’t want to tire ourselves out.

We had decided to have the shoot on Monday as we didn’t want to fight with the weekend crowds visiting Desaru. Had a really large breakfast first before heading over to the studio. Arrived at the studio and Jiajia the make-up artist immediately got started.

Outfit 1: Songket

I had chosen a traditional dark green and gold songket as one of my outfits. Jiajia was really good at make-up and hijab styling (in fact much better than some mak andams who just balut around your face and make your cheeks so bulat). I had not expected to wear a sanggul lintang so it was a pleasant surprise when she pinned it on the hijab for me. I’m glad to say that I’ve experienced this once because I will probably not opt for it again. I nearly poked GTB’s eye out and had a massive headache/neck cramp the whole time.

Luckily this outfit was only for the indoor shoot if not I think dah pengsan already. I quite enjoyed this shoot and requested for XK, the photographer to take some unglam shots like me holding the GTB’s kris and looking all bad-ass.

(I placed a mosaic on my eyes to maintain anonymity wahaha)


Outfit 2: Traditional white gown


I had chosen a white glittery gown with a sweetheart neckline for my 2nd outfit. To make the outfit modest, I wore my inner underneath their transparent white lace top. I like this look best – classic white and simple. The same look I want to replicate for my nikah. Again Jiajia was really good at styling the hijab – I think she layered a shawl and the outer veil in like 5 minutes.

We then set off in the car for Desaru and stopped at a field and a jetty in Desaru to snap this outfit. Alhamdulilah it wasn’t a hot day which made it easier on all of us. I can’t really remember what shots we took because XK was so pro in directing us that we took loads of different poses. But I remember making GTB pretend to propose to me on his knees. GTB was rather annoyed as he was afraid he would split his already tight baju hahaha! I also threw the fake bouquet behind and made GTB catch it. Hope XK captured it perfectly!

Outfit 3: Red gown

I knew I wanted a bold color for my last outfit. So I chose a red gown with a straight across neckline. Unfortunately when paired with the flowery red hijab and pink top, I found the look rather overwhelming OTT colourful. Jiajia had wanted to stick a flower on the side of the hijab which I immediately said no need. All these changing was done outside – what a challenge this was! Thank goodness for the inner. Most of the shots taken in this outfit was by the rocks and seaside, so hopefully the color contrast will make the photos nicer.


We were done by 6 thankfully because after that it really started pouring. The experience was really fun despite the hassle (super hungry, cannot pee, got bitten by sandflies, sand in my sports shoes). I’m really glad I did the traditional photoshoot and would fully recommend Miosa for this.


On the way back, I was greeted by this wonderful sight during sunset. I was so grateful to Him for enabling the shoot to go smoothly (not hot, which was amazing as I was in multiple layers, rained only when we finished).

Can’t wait for the end product!




    1. Hey babe! Pass me your email and i share with you? Cos i asked for more discount at their booth during the wedding expo, so it may not be their standard package price hahaha!


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