Health is wealth

I wanted to blog about my photoshoot, but something happened before that which prompted this post.

In the week before my scheduled photoshoot, I had my regular health screening, which included a physical examination. The doctor felt my breasts and he was concerned it was rather lumpy. He recommended an ultrasound which I did on that same day, as it seemed rather irresponsible not to. Even as I type this, something appeared on BERITA – 43% of Malay women detect breast cancer at later stages.

My health results would only be out the following week, which totally spoilt my mood for the photoshoot because I am the anxious sort. The doctor’s call came the day before I was headed to JB. There were 2 areas of concern: I have slightly elevated bad cholesterol.. and the results of my scan showed a solid growth on my right breast. Alhamdulilah it was concluded to be benign based on the features and the recommendation was to do a follow-up scan 6 months later.

Anyway the point is I rarely see BTBs blog about going for pre-marital wedding screening, despite such packages being widely available. Raffles Medical has a package . If we can spend hundreds on things like a 10 min kompang performance, we can spend $147.65 on our health. Its quite important to know one’s health status before starting a family. Furthermore as women, there’s lots more body parts we have to be mindful of..breasts, ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes, uterus etc etc. We feel fine..but do we really know for sure?

My tunang is very averse to such screenings, because he is afraid of needles and the kind who would rather not know if there’s an issue. But seriously if you catch things early, treatment is likely more successful. I’m going to keep working on dragging him to get screened especially because he is super boncet. The chronic disease rate in the Malay community is so high – partly because of our diet.

So while we can doa constantly for Allah to bless us and our loved ones with good health, we must also berusaha. Go for regular check-ups, eat less sugar/carbs, take more supplements + sleep and get active with a regular combination of cardio + strength training exercises (lift weights – they don’t make you bulky!). Go on running/hiking/swimming dates with your significant other.

So yes – go for health screenings! But if you are kanchiong spider like me…just don’t do it right before something major or you’ll be worrying the whole time. ;p



  1. Thanks for sharing about this! I have heard of pre-marital health screening, but I also don’t hear a lot of BTBs talking about it, so people have the impression that it’s not really necessary. But I am more motivated now to go for it!


  2. Yes, I agree with you! Before entering uni I had to go for their compulsory health screening and through there they found I had a large, 15-20cm diameter ovarian cyst. No symptoms at all! Alhamdulillah benign also but still had to be removed asap. If it weren’t for the health screening, it wouldn’t have been detected.


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