Pre-pre wedding shoot

My wedding planning has been non-existent despite it being 7 months away. As my mother was nagging so much, I decided to do my pre-wedding photoshoot this month. I’ve actually did my gown selection in March and never bothered with scheduling the actual shoot until now. Even the boss of the studio kept messaging me to fix a date.

There’s quite a few things to get ready, which I was too lazy to gather and didn’t want to fork out money on.Finally, I applied for leave a few days ago and prepared the items needed.

  • Sillicon bra  – bought this for RM 53 from my last Penang trip. Think I better buy a strapless bra as back-up in case the silicon one malfunctions. Imagine if it falls down in front of the photographer while I’m taking the photos wahahaha!
  • White ninja since I’ll be wearing hijab for the shoot
  • White inner top as the gowns are sleeveless
  • Shoes

On the topic of shoes, I found these at Midas shoes at City Plaza. Bargained them down from $69 to $55. The auntie recommended these as you can see the front detail in the photos. I think we don’t need to spend that much on shoes as the gown will overshadow them anyway. I am not sure if I will use this for the actual event as its not time to choose my outfits from Nora Z yet. But if I do, I will go back to this shop for sure because their collection is pretty and affordable!


The next step is to book a facial from my fave Spa@Norfasarie (near my place, good service and no hard selling). Then ensure the tunang cuts and color his strands of white hair, buy new shirts and polish his shoes.

Honestly, I am praying for the best for this, as I am very sure it will be super hot at the beach. Hoping not to sweat buckets! How to smile sweetly at each other and look glam when all your ketiak sudah basah? :X


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