Mas Kahwin

Over the Raya weekend, I was having lunch with the tunang’s family and his mum asked directly what I wanted for mas kahwin + hantaran gifts.

Seriously, I find such talks very awkward. If you state too much, we seem materialistic. But if you state too little, then also won’t have that wedding feel.

I always wanted a ring for mas kahwin, but the future MIL said my finger is too small for a proper ring (my engagement ring is a child-sized ring) so any rings would have to be customised. She suggested a necklace instead, but I don’t really fancy necklaces. I definitely do not want cash because I want a proper keepsake for sentimental value too.

Hehehe.. more particular about mahr because this is the physical wajib symbol of your marriage. But the mahr also cannot sound too weird when tok kadi speaks.. “Saya nikahkan bla bla bla dengan satu gelang Pandora..”

I think way too much about these things!




  1. I opted for gelang emas instead. Wanted to go for serba satu but then think again I already have my engagement + wedding ring plus kalau necklace I don’t think I would fancy putting them on around my neck either. So last last I opt for gelang 🙂


    1. Hahaha yah that’s why la! If wearing hijab, no point to get necklace lah. It will look a bit off unless you style a certain way. Ya I think a simple gelang emas is nice.. do you plan to wear it out after the nikah?


      1. Yes! I plan to wear it out after nikah 🙂 gelang emas w abit of diamond will look modern rather than the conventional gelang emas, yknw what I mean. Hahaha! Anw all the best dear in ur prep!! When is the big day dear?


  2. This! I feel you babe. Was thinking of Pandora and such .. then, i thought to myself mcm klaka plak if the tok kadi nak nikah kan nnt. Lol.


    1. Yahh actually I wonder if they have any ‘guidelines’ on how they say out the mas kahwin… like do they need to specify the brand ie. “gelang emas Pandora’.. or just ‘gelang emas’ will do hahaha. Have you decided on your mahr then?

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      1. Hahaha! Ikr! Well .. Its going to be seutas rantai but havent decide yet where or what brand to buy and etc. Hehehe .. 😊😂


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