Overaggressive vendors

BTBS, try not to give your mobile numbers when asking for quotes unless you are at least 50% sure you want that provider. Else you run the risk of them calling you at 10 pm (!!) and when they can’t get you, message you to ask if you’ve found a caterer.

In March, I just casually gave my mobile number in the enquiry field on their website to this vendor, as it was required when I was doing my research for food/venue.

And when they called last week, I’ve already informed them that I’ve committed to a caterer (even if its just a soft-booking). But I guess they are trying their luck  again since they have a new tie-up with a venue to be announced soon.

Understand that the market is very competitive now and you need to chase all available leads, but please be professional and keep all correspondences within office hours. Especially when its a sales pitch and not a confirmed vendor. Hope the messages will stop, but I don’t think it will since they said they will contact me again on their new venue tie-up.

This reminds me of when we went to the Wedding Expo in January.. we felt like vultures were preying on us hahaha.




    1. Haha they called again! I think it’s the same vendor! They have 2 ballroom venues..the one near the beach is being relocated to new place. Did they eventually stop calling???


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