Wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore

I’ve mentioned before that I signed up for a pre-wedding photoshoot which would most likely be in Desaru to our shared love for the sea. 🙂

However if I were do my photoshoot locally, these are the places I’d seriously consider. Me and my other half like exploring so these are some places we’ve been to. Sharing this with BTBs who’ll hopefully be inspired.

(All photos taken by me unless stated otherwise)

For the beach bums.. 

  1. St Johns + Lazarus + Pulau Seringat

Just a short ferry ride away from Marina South Pier. Take the ferry to St John’s and walk to the link connecting it to Lazarus Island. From there, walk all the way and then head towards the right to find this nice beach. Go to the end towards Pulau Seringat, where there’s usually nobody. There’s a shelter there where you can place your things. It was so beautiful and serene – go on weekdays!

However note that there’s no toilet (I changed in the bushes into my swimming attire!!) and the nearest one is on St John’s. Also the toilet cleanliness is like those pit stops along NS Highway in Malaysia.So consider this if you need to change baju.

St John’s is also worth exploring – there’s several old building and rustic houses which makes for good backdrops too. To maximise your $18 ferry ride, it will also bring you to Kusu island. But I’d say just stick to Lazarus.


2. Tanjung Beach, Sentosa

Generally I’ve found that Tanjung Beach is the nicest of all in Sentosa. Even during weekends, the crowd is lesser as the sun-bathing ikan duyungs tend to gather in Siloso and Palawan. Head for the rocky areas for a different perspective. 10723867_368048590024662_45676571_nFor the nature lovers… 

3. Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Park’s a popular wedding venue – the Berlayer terrace has held weddings there as its simply picturesque. The mangrove trail and boardwalk is simply scenic – we went here on New Year’s Eve to escape the crowd and loved the isolation.


For the history buff… 

4. National Gallery

What I like about National Gallery is its wide open spaces and colonial architecture. We spent a few hours here and couldn’t even cover everything! There’s always something nostalgic about historical locations.. of things that happened way before our time but still live on in these buildings.


For the environmentalists.. 

5. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

We checked this out because it sounded interesting – its educational and showed that we actually do have a diverse collection of plants and animals. If I’d do a photoshoot here, the main backdrop will be the dinosaur bones. However the lighting could prove to be a challenge and the photographer would have to look for creative angles. So get an experienced photographer if you want to consider this place.

Dino Zone.jpg

(credits to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum)

I’ve several other places on the list and will blog about them next time hopefully. Think for photoshoots, we can afford to take more risks and go for unconventional options. Since we’ll already have the traditional romantic shots on wedding day.

Just think about what defines both of you and then work some ideas from there. In my ideal shoot, I would have wanted a re-enactment of how we met (paintball game) but I don’t really want to trash my dress. ;p

wedding at delta force paintball(credits to: Paintball Games UK)

BTBs, do share cool locations too.. even if not for photoshoor at least can get more ideas for dating spots!


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