To Entertain or Not?

Been wondering if there’s a need to up entertainment options for guests.

These include traditional bands like Sri Mahligai and Orkes Mutiara. It will certainly liven up the proceedings, but they come at a cost.Sri Mahligai’s website states their wedding package is $2000 with audio. My other half likes them because he is a traditional at heart, but its just too steep.

So far we’ve settled for a basic audio + DJ package without karaoke with MIS* Entertainment. Being a huge sucker for promos, I saw that they were running a Ramadhan promotion. Managed to get a discount – my other half settled the deposit and arrangements with their boss, Abang Ilhami.

(Btw if anybody’s keen, another promo running now is that Panjy Entertainment is having a free photobooth with every DJ service sign-up)

I guess we’ll just pass MIS our songlist closer to the date. Our intention is for 50% dakwash/nasyid, 25% traditional Malay songs and 25% English. We’ve requested for an emcee who can baca doa as well to restu the majlis.

But I just wonder if guests these days expect more than just listening to songs, especially for karaoke. Personally both of us dislike all the tone-deaf singing, but I’ve heard that makciks + pakciks will ask if there is karaoke. Not sure if I should top up to cater for them to syiok sendiri! They can find other ways to entertain themselves right? ;p

Some other unconventional ideas not seen commonly at Malay weddings that I’m more keen on spending: Balloon artist (think this will be a hit with kids), caricaturist for guests to take home their drawings and even a slow motion video booth that seems more fun than a normal photobooth!

Think the possibilities for creative entertainment are endless if we just think out of the box..

balloon couples in malay costume



  1. Hello fellow bride-to-be. 😁 MIS Entertainment will be the vendor for my wedding too! Hehe. And same as you, i chose the package without karaoke. I’m sure those pakciks/makciks will understand. We don’t have to please them (:


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