Photography off the list..

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan everyone! Hope we all manage to make full use of this blessed month. Let’s take this opportunity to be better people spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Last weekend, we finally booked our photography vendor. Photography is something that both me and the tunang places very high value on. Partly due to my job hazard (I’m in marketing) and also because the other half is a photography buff and has experience helping in wedding photography too.

As we’ve all observed, the traditional event coverage style is evolving to a photojournalistic one that depicts a story through the use of candid shots and unique angles. In terms of wedding photographers, its a very competitive market out there. We’re all spoilt for choice as there’s just so many vendors with different skills and strengths.

I emailed a few popular names commonly used by Malay couples to get a sensing of the rates. This gave me a benchmark for the budget I should set aside. Not surprisingly, event day coverage itself costs upwards of $2K. For that amount, the basic criteria should be:

  • Provide photography services and technical expertise to showcase the vibrancy of the wedding.
  • The photographer(s) assigned must have a ‘good eye’; be versatile and creative to capture shots of various subjects in action
  • Employ journalistic photography tactics and engineer photographs that would capture the various key highlights (without being too intrusive)
  • Use a mid-range DSLR Camera and lenses minimally

With that in mind, I continued stalking the various portfolios online to get a sensing of their style. Some caught my eye but I was rather half-hearted for most. Then one day, I checked out Nadiah M Din’s wedding site to see who her vendors were and my interest was piqued when her BTS photographers were listed as The Fotorika*.

They’re new in the market compared to the established players, but I think their skills are just as comparable. Their emphasis is on clean, white and minimalist shots. I like.. keeps the shot focused and eliminate busy background noise.

(All photo credits to The Fotorika*)


If you prefer more colorful happy shots, they bring out the vibrancy quite well, with your eyes still focused on the main subject.  This shows effective use of the rule of thirds quite effectively.



Basically what my cerewet self is looking for is unique perspectives and no stiff posed shots on the pelamin. Are both the big picture and smaller details covered?

By a stroke of luck, they were having a promo and the package we signed was really value for money, especially as it comes with 2 photographers (the duo running Fotorika* itself) and a lot more end photos then what the competitors are offering. I really wanted 2 photographers because I realised during my work events that having one photographer leads to a one-sided stories.

Advantages of two photographers:

i) Able to shoot photos on the groom’s side when he is preparing. Normally we only get the bride’s perspective

ii) One can be stationed near the pelamin and one roving one to capture the other action elsewhere – your guests, food etc.

iii) Your main photographer won’t be so tired running around, and he can focus better and concentrate on what type of shots to engineer as per your preference

iv) For back-up just in case… macam insurance policy

Anyway, we met up with Team Fotorika* to see if we had the connection. Glad to say we did! They were really nice and shared more about themselves. We felt comfortable placing our trust in them to do a good job.

InsyaAllah, they will exceed our expectations and more. 🙂


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