The big C and D

No doubt, food is one of the most important investments in a majlis. Get the food wrong, and your guests will remember it. Honestly, nobody really cares about your decor once they’ve stepped out of the location, but food can make or break.

As we’re most likely holding our majlis at a venue that cannot do onsite cooking, we’re only left with those that can cook from a licensed kitchen. Which is perfectly fine with me, as there’s some QC involved, especially in terms of hygiene.

I was originally eyeing Orange Ballroom which had a tie-up with Nazreen Catering. Their location was convenient for me, but the deposit for the all in one package was very steep, and they didn’t allow food tasting before we could commit to anything. (My mum has since attended a function there, and confirmed that the food was pretty good though.)

So our search brought us to Doulath Catering. Honestly, we were attracted because of their relatively affordable cost per head. So we emailed to request for a food tasting, and we attended a wedding last weekend.


  • Is the food sedap? Yes! The biryani is fluffy and soft. The ayam masak merah and rendang was tender. These are the core items a caterer must get right. Other items included rojak, achar, roti kirai, mee soto and sambal udang.
  • Is the presentation and service professional? Yes! Everything was laid out neatly and few stains or spillages were spotted. Staff topping up food wore gloves. Food was promptly topped up and there was always more than one staff hovering around to make sure all was okay. The kendarat service was generally quite prompt too and plates were cleared quite fast (very important if you have lots of guests).


  • Is the service good? Yes! Cik Subaidah the owner was very professional and warm to us. We had good vibes with her. We managed to speak to her sister too (it’s a family business) and got along well.
  • Do they have a good track record? Yes! They have quite a history in the business and online reviews have been positive generally. I was introduced to the bride’s mother and I asked her if she would recommend Doulath, and she gave a glowing recommendation.

So yeah, we’ve made the decision to go with Doulath, as we feel its quite value for money. Reserved our date, and we’ll meet up again after Raya to discuss more insyaAllah. They also offer decor services and we will most likely go with them too because I feel its easier if catering + decor is handled by one vendor so that the efforts are aligned.

I’m not too fussy about decor and don’t need to have a themed one. Looked through their portfolio and their work suits me just fine.


(Source: Doulath Wedding Decor)

Okay that’s a load of my mind at least – can settle the venue and photog + videog next.


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