Bridal Bouquet

So I emailed the two big names for the floral bouquet provider of Malay weddings – Woodleigh Park and Cherriesmitten.

Their floral bouquets are definitely on the higher end, considering how flowers have such a short shelf-life. But I understand the high costs – I tried my hand at flower arranging in Japan and its really not easy to balance all the elements together.

Woodleigh’s owner, Kak Amilia was so kind to extend me her promotional rates for the Platinum Luxe wedding event, although I missed the deadline. After much deliberation, I opted for the fabric option, rather then fresh flowers. This will be the main bouquet for the sanding.

The costs is inclusive of keepsake box and delivery. I’m a practical person, and the fabric option definitely has more longevity. Maybe I can re-use it as a decorative piece? ;p

I’m a huge fan of their customised works. My heart just went ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ when I looked at their Facebook album.Basically nearer the wedding date, just inform them what your dress looks like and some picture inspirations.

credits: Woodleigh Park Facebook

But now, the gatal side of me is saying a fresh bouquet for the nikah photos would be nice too! So I’m now looking for more cost-effective options – budget less than $50 for a minimalist bouquet since the flowers will end up in the dustbin the next few days.

And the lagi gatal side of me is saying I need want another hand bouquet for my pre-wedding photoshoot too. I think I will try to source this in JB though since my photoshoot is there and I can take advantage of our exchange rate.

Can’t believe I secured this first, when the big 3 – venue, catering, decor has not even been booked with the wedding date less than a year away!

I guess I have enough experience at my job dealing with super tight timelines. For me a year seems a long time to work towards, but am sure the days will fly by really soon!



  1. I didn’t know that! But i only signed up for 2 first because I don’t know whats the itinerary like for my combined.

    But good to know if I take 3, I dont need to source for a floral one!!


    1. Yes thats the problem! Semua nak..but I think fabric is a good investment! When conceptualising the design, think of how you can sustain it beyond the wedding? Maybe as a floral centrepiece at your house ke..its a keepsake that can be really beautiful. 🙂


  2. I’m planning to DIY my own fabric bouquet too! and yes for keepsake & konon-konon nk decor rumah (padehal no house yet hahahais, bilik pun jadilah). But fresh flowers pun lawa eh…. indecisive betul arrr


    1. Wow you can diy?? You must b talented..i think its really hard! Hehe when in doubt just get both! I will look around and share if I can find cost effective fresh bouquets!


      1. Haha alhamdulillah ok ok je. I did a satin ribbon bouquet lesson under matynmishel last year, it was VERY challenging lagi tgh bulan puasa. I havent done it again as I was busy with work but trying to!! And yes please do share if you know of any! 🙂


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